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I live in Roquefort Les Pins and have a Sky HD Box and a subscription with Sky since about 25 years (the original system was set up in the Midlands in the UK and then we brought the equipment over here).  I am now paying over £40 a month and the amount seems to be continually increasing.  I have now a larger dish installed but often have problems with the HD channels. My subscription does give me Eurosport and many other channels aswell as the standard ones, but not film or other sports channels (which I'm not too bothered about). Firstly, I find this amount astronomical plus it keeps increasing (increase just appears on my UK bank account!). On top of this I have to switch the box on and off probably at least once a week as a message saying 'there is a technical fault please try later' keeps appearing.  It eventually works again.  Does anyone know how I can pay a lot less but still get English TV even if I need to make an initial payment, (although it would be a shame as I already have this box)?  Alternatively if  I cancelled my Sky standing order with my bank on line would I still be able to get some channels through the Sky HD Box?  I would be grateful for any advice thank you. Wendy

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Does anyone knows a very good pop/rock drummer who can also sing back up. At first, it would be for some replacements of our actual drummer and later on,  leading to our regular drummer... We are a popular band and we do play regularly for various venues. We rehurse once a week and all members work the covers home before we do meet. The person has to be flexible regarding choice of music, we do recent and old songs from as an example, Bruno Mars to ACDC, Queen etc...   Because we do play regularly, we do need someone sticking with only one band and not traveling all the time obviously. If you know anyone fitting this profile, please drop me an email song4bb@gmail.com Thank you  

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Hello to all, I will marry me this year in Nice (in September) and I am looking for a photographer and somebody who is doing hair and make up. I would be really happy for some recommendations, it's not so easy if you are not originally from here and you haveto book somebody for your special day without recommendation :). I am grateful for every message from you ;). Thanks, Isabell

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Hello,   We have been to Biot a few times and are planning another short break there in the next few weeks and were just wondering if we should try and come for the Fete de la Musique on the 21st June? Does Biot tend to do much for it and does anyone know who's playing there this year? Also does there tend to be a number of bands playing in the village over the course of the day/evening or just one or two? I haven't managed to find much on the net so any info appreciated.  Thanks.

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I have been watching UK TV on Filmon via iPad since the satellite signal disappeared last year with very few problems. However, yesterday, all channels requested an update - I did this and now I can see everything but can hear nothing. I've checked that it's not a problem with my iPad - any suggestions? Has Filmon finally cottoned on to the fact that we're all watching for free so want us to sign up for  paid services?

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Im looking to hire a venue in the Autumn in Monaco (September-October-November) to host a talk by someone for around 100 people. Somewhere with a bar or that can provide drinks and food would be perfect please. Any advice or ideas would be most appreciated

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G'day everyone,I have recently moved to Provence in Sillans-la Cascade and although I am Australian I was hoping to access some British TV while I am here and for prospective guests. I purchased a TNTSAT decoder and after some initial research, have discovered that I will need to invest in a proper Freesat or Skybox decoder and install a minimum (?) 1.1 metre dish on my house.If anyone has had experience with purchasing these items for your house/ motorhome in the South, it would be greatly appreciated for you to drop me a message so I could have a better idea of what is required and what specifications are functionable.I realise it is much easier to access these features towards Paris, and the further south you go, the larger the dish and the higher the cost it is to install. Albeit, this is no different to any service in this region :PThanks in advance folks, once more your comments would be massively appreciated.Alex.

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does anyone know an amateur steel band group for a carribbean evening in July. Not much money to spend but there will be some people there who do quite big events and it might lead to other work.

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amateur songwriter , i'm looking to team up  with bands (english speaking ) country , rock etc...does anyone know of any

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Greetings all, I play a handheld instrument called Mbira, or sometimes called a finger piano, and would like to know anyone else that plays one too. thanks

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if you speak reasonably good English and need to maintain your level, I run small, friendly group discussions for non-native speakers at the Maison des Associations, Place Garibaldi, Nice designed just for this purpose.  At present we have a vacancy, so please get in touch.

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Hello,I am visiting Nice for a week by myself and am looking to meet local people/groups/join in social activities. I am 34,Scottish,easy going and friendly. I speak English,German and Spanish fluently.  Looking for genuine suggestions please. Would welcome any tips as this is my first trip to the area.   Many Thanks Vicky 

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Hi there! We've had a new,BIG satellite dish after the "change".Things were good,but strangely,now on Sunday evenings,BBC 1 (including channel 965) goes beserk at times.Any idea  for why? Cheers!

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We are looking for a keyboard player for our prog Rock Band in Nice Centre. Mabel Greers pre YES 60 s band. Most of us based in and around Nice and needing to brush up before showcase gigs in London. Hammond style would be great.....

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Did you know that there are lots of ways to see films at the Cannes Film Festival without a badge? Here are all the ways to do it:   http://www.bestofniceblog.com/things-to-do-in-nice-by-month/may/cannes-film-festival/ Have fun! Allison Best of Nice Blog

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Hi I have just moved to Le colle sur loup with the family I work for.  I would love to meet some people either for playdates with the child 2years. Or on a weekend when I'm not working to visit other places around France or just meet for lunch coffee etc.I can easily get to Cagnes sur mer and Nice. Then from Nice most places I think by train Thanks Suzanne

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Hello,  I live in Cannes near Porte Canto. Anyone interested to meet up have some coffee, discussion or even going out for a jogg? I'm 32 f and looking for friends around the area. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Hello there,  I had boughts 4 tickets for the Lady Gaga show in Monaco on July 4th but I will not be able to attend it.  Therefore, I m selling the tickets.  Contact me for any information.  Regards,  Julien 

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HI there,   I am looking for some people to socialise, go for coffee,  apero,  walks....I'm 26 years old, Italian,  work as a Stewardess.  I'm open to meet people with all sorts of interests and of all ages. I'm into fitness, movies, travel. ..would love to hear from you!    Ciao!

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