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My daughter has just been accepted for the international section at Eganaude. I'm really disappointed as I was supposing that all children from Cagnes would go to CIV. I've heard so many bad things about l'Eganaude that I'm rather concerned. Plus the whole fact that it is not really an international school but just one English section class really bothers me. Can anyone give a clear opinion based on facts? Thanks

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Hello, I'm looking for a part-time nanny for my 2 kids, 3 hours/ day/ 5 days per week for the scholl year.Please let me know if you are interested by this Job.Alice

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Hello everyoneLooking for someone to pick up my son from Mougins school during term time - Mon/Fri 15.30 Tues/Thurs 14.10 and Wed 13.10 - 20 min drive. Any suggestions appreciated thank you!

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Hi all,My family and I are moving to Mouans-Sartoux later this month with our two pre-schoolers. I want to enrol them in one of the local maternelles publiques and see that there are three in Mouans-Sartoux. Ideally I'd like a smallish maternelle, with a warm vibe and a little mix of children, including some international. Is anyone familiar with the Mouans-Sartoux pre-schools and could suggest which of the places would be best?I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions!Thanks,Natasha

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Hello I am looking for a native English speaker , preferably American, to teach our babies. 1 h per day 4 days a weeks. We are thinking someone who likes being with children and play with them and read to them. Thanks 

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Hi,I'm trying to clear out my house and i needto get rid of childrens books in English for free. Anyone interested?

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Hello Everyone,I would like to ask if someone can share information on nice 'alternative' bilingual education in or around Monaco? I'm looking for a small scale school with attention to languages/art/music..etc. I am aware of the school in Beausoleil for small children, but can't find Elementary/Secondary schools of this kind. Thanks a lot for your help!

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We are moving from Aix en Provence in search of better international school opportunities for our (now) bilingual children. We are very seriously considering ISN. There are previous comments in this forum, but I would like any updated comments please as to your own experience at the school. For example, I have read that the school appears run down, but the children are very happy. Do the students work hard or is it easy to just slide through? Obviously there is the IB at the end, but we have a school in Aix offering the IB that is not particularly "serious". Could you tell me if/where your child has gone on to university afterwards? It seems to be small in student numbers. Does the school offer enough diversity or is it "claustrophobic" by having a small student body? Thank you for your reponses!!!

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Good MorningWe are moving back to South of France from UK by end of November, depending on the job offer, we will either be working in Cannes or Beaulieu Sur Mer. Could anyone recommend a nursery for our 2 year old boy. We do not need it to be bi-lingual (neither of us speak French nor does our 2 year old), we are happy for it to be French Speaking for our little one but would need the teacher to be able to speak good English at least to be able to communcate with us on how he is  doing? Obviously the ideal would be an English speaking Nursery but as I said, we are aware we are living in France!Recommendations for Cannes or Beaulieu Sur Mer area would be amazing. My wife would also be interested in meeting any other mums with children aged 2-4 in those areas also.

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Can somebody recommend a Female gynaecologist around Monaco. It is quite urgent so I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I am an American au pair based near Cannes and I really want to learn the French Language in a group. As an au pair, I am on a budget and am looking for an association or an affordable group somehow. I would like to study for the school year, aka from September to June, so if anyone knows of anywhere I would greatly appreciate it. 

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NHS HCA ..Ex Maternity Proxy Parent etc Multi Tasked.English lady available from next week .I am looking for a local role available Golfe Juan to Monaco, excellent refs etc Covid Infection Control trained Enhanced NHS Police check covering child safety..Driver.

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Helloi m looking for an English teacher for my children 10 and 6 to improve their English. I would like my son will go next year to the CiV so he must work . Thanks a lot if you can know someone who teach them. 

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Good Nanny available for immediate start cote d'azure region.   Married woman, UK of origin, speaking English and French in 50's based in Monaco for over 20 years.  Call +447711305573 for interview.

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Is there a tutor who can help with the GCSE's for the month of April?

started by: NicoleB · last update: 1595235286 · posted: 1481710651

Hello,I am looking for a tutor for my son for IGCSE maths and possibly English too. Any recommendations? In the Valbonne area ideally.Many thanks!

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Myself an alumni ASEICA kid from primary to high-school, I would love to help younger selves with homework and/or caretaking.I achieved 17.62/20 at my bac OIB option scientifique and have now just graduated from engineering in the UK.I have extensive experience baby-sitting and in homework assistance (mainly for maths, physics and English). I have also worked in the yachting industry (so I know all about cleanliness and will keep your house spotless), and as volleyball coach in the United States which helped me understand child psychology and motivation.My enthusiasm and positive energy always help kids regain clarity and passion in fields they struggle with and I believe nothing is unsurmountable.Do not hesitate in contacting me if you are looking for a nanny, baby-sitter or tutor.Have a lovely day,Fiona.

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Hello, my husband and I have currently moved to Nice (where I am originally from) after 25 years working overseas as humanitarian workers. My husband is Irish and we have decided to move to Valbonne, Biot where there are public schools with international sections and where children come from different backgrounds to ease our own children's adjustment. We will look to buy a property in this area but we want to rent for a year or so first to get to know the region, does anyone have some advice on where to live in Valbonne, Sofia or Biot to fall within a catchment area with a good primary public school? I hear the school Iles verte is very good but I am unable to find any rental nearby this school. Any info, tips on rental in these towns would also be highly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience. Hosna and Keith

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a Facebook page I hVe create called 'Monaco Mums'. My aim is to arrange day trips/meetups adjust generally to find out what is going on for kids etc. please do join x

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Hello,I’m a native French speaking governor. I just returned from Moscow where I worked for the last 4 years. I’m now in Nice and looking for a position here in the Riviera.Non smoker, sporty, educated and experienced, with references, I can help your children to improve their level of French through classes, daily routines and sports activities.  I’m fluent in English and also speak  Russian. I’m looking for either a part time / full time position or for a few tutoring hours a week. I have my own accommodation and my own personal vehicle. I’m available for a face-to-face or online interview. Please feel free to get in touch. Привет, Я коренной французский гувернер.  Я только что вернулся из Москвы, где работал последние 4 года.  Я сейчас в Ницце и ищу работу здесь, на Ривьере. Не курящий, спортивный, образованный и с опытом работы, с хорошими рекомендациями, я могу помочь вашим детям улучшить уровень французского языка с помощью занятий, ежедневного общения по-французски и занятий спортом.  Я свободно говорю по-английски и немного говорю по-русски. Я ищу работу с частичной или полной занятостью, а также несколько часов в неделю. У меня есть собственное жилье и собственный личный автомобиль. Я готов пройти личное или онлайн интервью. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь связаться.

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