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Homeschooled student in Monaco looking for Pearson EDEXCEL A level BUSINESS teacher.Availableand flexible.Send resumeand references at formentor27@gmail.com 

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Hello, we are looking for a baby-sitter for ours 6 years old soon. We live in Roquebrune Cap Marin, we would like someone who live close to us ( RCM, Menton, Monaco) , english, French or czech speaking .We will need after school babysitting ( from 16:30).please contacte me by email nikuska-michel@hotmail.frthank you, nicole

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Hello, we are looking for a baby-sitter for ours 6 years old soon. We live in Roquebrune Cap Marin, we would like someone who live close to us ( RCM, Menton, Monaco) , english, French or czech speaking .We will need after school babysitting ( from 16:30).please contacte me by email nikuska-michel@hotmail.frthank you, nicole

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Hello,i have some (used) washable nappies/diapers to give away. i am in Vence  All the best,Karina

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Hello, we are a French family looking for a baby sitter who will speak in English to our 2 toddlers (3 and 5 yo). We are living in St Laurent du Var (next to nice). We need a baby sitter for every Wednesday (except during holidays). If you are interested you can contact me (flo0644@hotmail.com).

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Hello, we are looking for english or Czech speaking babysitter living in RCM or close ( Menton, Monaco) for ours 6 years old soon. I ll need someone probably from april, after school ( 16:30) for 1 hour / 4 hours. It will depand of my husband. Pleaase e mail me, nikuska-michel@hotmail.frthank you,Nicole

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Hi everyone,I am a certified NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) practitioner. We are profesional health team (consultant and Dr- gynecologist) We specialise in helping couples with fertility/infertility or a woman's reproductive and gynecological health. We provides medical and surgical treatments that cooperate completely with the reproductive system. I use the Creighton Model System biomarkers to monitor various hormonal events during menstrual cycle.

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Hello everyone , I am looking for a live in possition in French Riviera as carer, elderly companion, housesitter or a childminder. I am an english teacher with lot of experience from UK. Cv and references upon request. Thank you.

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Hello,I have some washable nappies/diapers to give away. I am in Vence. 

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Dear All,I hope you are doing well. I am 6 month pregnant and have a CDI in Monaco. I was told that since I am French resident (I live in Cote d'Azure and regularly pay my taxes to France) I can benefit from the French system as far as my maternity leave is concerned.On the contrary, at work in Monaco, I was told that since I have a CDI in Monaco, the Monaco law applies.At this point I am confused as I don't know how many months I am entitled to for the maternity leave and at what conditions?For instance, in Monaco I have 4 months paid and then I have to go back to work. In France instead I would have 6 months paid and would benefit of some allowances.Just for the records, I am French resident and married to another French resident. We live in France and regularly pay our taxes to the French government.Is there anybody that can help me clarify my situation? Thank you all so much for any advice you may give me.Regards,Samantha

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I am a happy, friendly and helpfulperson. I am  36 years old  spent 16 years in London.  For more than four years I have a great desire to go to south of France, find some job.  I have a degree in Theology and Philosophy . In London I gained  working experience such as careassistant, aupair, cleaner/housekeeper and working in administration field. Myskills are very much based upon organization and accuracy. I am a  self-motivated, hardworking and reliable,person who is an excellent multi-tasker with great communication skills. I havea caring attitude and excellent asset to work under pressure. I have gotpersonality that includes thoughtfulness, honesty, and easy going nature andreliability. Also I can be very quiet and sensitive to someone needs. I am avery skilled person, excellent in maintenance and general household duties. As care assistant I gained experience such as personal care,companionship and housekeeping. We have got full driving license.  Reference upon request.

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Need a recommendation for an excellent homeopath who is also good with nutrition (ie, can propose a diet that may help with certain health problems, particularly thryoid).

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Hello I have a young family and we are looking at moving to Antibes in June/July 2018. My kids will be 9 and 6. I'm worried about the schooling as we cannot afford the international schools and my kids do not speak French (yet). Is there many options for them in that area?

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Hey Mums (and dads). I've just started up a new Riviera Mums group on Facebook as there are always so many people who are looking for new 'friends with kids' in the expat community. These groups have been a great way for us to meet new little friends for our dude (and for us!) in the Cote d'Azur. Please feel free to join the group, if you have a FB account! 

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Bonjour, J'ai récemment crée une école à Antibes pour les enfants anglophone / bilingue. Je recherche activement un prof d'anglais langue maternelle. Si vous pouvez m'aider, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Little Philo School

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Does anyone know of a mummy/baby club around Valbonne/Grasse/Sophia Antipolis?My baby is due in a month and I'd love to meet some fellow mums, share some experiences, and attend classes/ playdates with my little girl when she's here so she can interact with other babies. I don't have a lot of friends here as I haven't lived here for very long, so any recommendations for social baby-friendly activities are appreciated! Thank you.

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Hello,We are a bilingual family looking for a solution for a childcare. Can anyone advise if there is an international kindergarten in Nice-Monaco area that would take in 2 year old kids? Or maybe anyone knows an English/Italian/Lithuanian speaker who would like to look after a 2 year old girl Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 18:00?Thanks

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Good Afternoon all,My 7 year old currently attends Haute Sartoux Primary and I wanted  to enrol him in the Bilingual section next school year.Does anyone have any experience of the process and what I would need to do to prepare him?Many thanks..

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we are a french family just back from London with 11years old boy and a 8 years old girl. We are looking for some young English speaker friends to play in English /french(I can  teach french in exchange). We are living in Antibes and my boy is doing homeschooling.ps : is there any English homeschooling group ?

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Hello,I'm a French student studying English and I give French courses for beginners in French. It can be children, teenagers or newcomers in France. I can help you for grammar, vocabulary and conversation. I speak English fluently and I love English culture so it would be a pleasure to help you in French!The price for 1hour lesson is 17 euros.I live in Antibes near Collège BertoneIf you are interested, please contact me by email : carla.scaglia52@gmail.com or call me at

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