2nd Wedding anniversary

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does anyone have a good idea on what to get my wife for her 2nd wedding anniversary????

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theresponsibleadult-188195 1064853880

why is it only her second wedding annivesary?? ;-)

mike-179830 1064854055

Apart from the old standby champagne/flowers/choccies/meal at romantic restaurant approach, the 2nd anniversary (in the tradional scheme of things) is "cotton", so you could maybe find a really attractive 100% cotton blouse or something along those lines...

Or think laterally, around the theme of cotton. Er, somehow...

Next year is "leather", BTW - which opend up the possibilities no end ;-)

theresponsibleadult-188195 1064854981

mmm, yeah, a big ole pair of pure cotton granny knickers.  hot!

what to get her? depends too much on what she really likes. too individual, i think, to call.

the sexiest thing a man can do for a woman (or a woman for a man) is focus on her like a laser beam.and give her all of his time and attention.  this is especially true if the norm is to be really busy with work and/or kids.  cut out all the extraneous noise.  leave the cell phone, beeper, tv, kids, EVERYTHING, go somewhere where the two of you can be together exclusively.  this can be for a day, an evening or for several days. does she love to dance? go dancing?  love films? try to find out if there is a film she would like to see now.  is she into historical arrange to go on a trip to somewhere with something of historical interest. try to think about anything that she may have mentioned in the past that she would "really like to see, do, have...someday..."  you arrange everything. dont do the "whatever you would like to do, honey" routine.  and if you have kids, pets or anything that would require care during your time together YOU take care of it.

Aroncb 1064855982

Great suggestion TRA - I'll have to use that one in future....

Not the granny knickers - the other one...  I also tend to do the "whatever you would like line.... " Pherhaps you should change your nick to TheResponsibleCassanova.


theresponsibleadult-188195 1064862827

Dear Aroncb, if you saw my last posting as something to 'use' in the future, i'm afraid you've missed the point...

Runaway-182887 1064886049

Along the lines of Mike's suggestion, try tying a reel of cotton to the bumper of a Merc. CLK.......... or a diamond ring..........or two tickets to some far away exotic destination..........

As for theresponsibleadult............ don't know who you are but you'll do for me mate - have you thought of giving lessons ?   J


Will.06 1064909304

How about taking her out for a romantic dinner then with a bit of pharmacutical help make love to her all night.In the morning go to the boulangerie and get her 1 crousant for each time you made love to her.Of course not forgetting a pain au chocolate !

riffa 1064912846

do they sell crousants by the half?

sputnik-182953 1064919119

How about a pair of marigolds and a box of milk tray. Women love that stuff, some choccies to eat after they have washed up.

Alternatively, why not let her pamer herself with a spa treatment pre-booked by you followed by an evening out together, not the usual meal maybe the opera if there are any on at the mo or some event of the ilk.


ciao sputnik

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