Any family friendly villages along French Riviera

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We are moving to the French Riviera from Canada sometime in August/September. We have 3 kids under the age of 4. Any suggestions on places to live near Cannes/Nice? I've looked at many of the suggested places like Mougins, Valbonne, Biot, Opio, Vence, Antibes but many of these areas look very hilly and not great for kids to run free or ride their bike. I'm almost thinking there is no such place unless we move an hour away into the countryside or farther south along the Riviera. We need to be close to the international airport and international schools, preferably 30-45min drive. I would love to find a kid friendly town where it's safe for kids to walk, run and play without me having to hold their hands or confine them to a stroller. A place with playgrounds, athletic/swimming centers, aqua parks, etc. Any suggestions?

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You could consider the larger private domaines which have little traffic. There are a few.I know - domaine val d'Azur -Valbonne -divided into 4 sections with pool and tennis - gated. There is another large one just north of the supermarket Carrefour in Valbonne in same area but I do not know the name. Also see Castelleras le Vieux - well known; 2 pools but I don't think it has tennis - really lovely but the houses do not seem to sell well. Actually there are many smaller domaines everywhere - very safe for kids. .

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Regarding playgrounds - there's one in Opio next to Nova Jardins and  there's Marineland, Kids Island and Aquasplash near Antibes/Biot. They seem to get crowded at times.

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Try the Vallee de la vesubie......1 hour north of Nice, we have beeen here 15 years....fantastic place.

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Judy, we are also planning to move from Canada to South of France next year 2018. I have a 10 and 7 year old. We are hoping to rent for our first year and then look to buy something. If you are open, I would like to connect and learn what other types of options you are looking at for schooling and moving there. Would love to connect. 

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I suggest Cannes its really ideal or family with children you habe the beach walking distance and mountains for like 15min drive lots of international school and only 30min drive to airport! 

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