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I'm looking for a clip-on seat for my baby. I had one for my other child when she was a baby, but I've not seen them here. It's just a simple seat, which fixes easily onto the edge of the table. I'm probably not describing it very well, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or where I might find one? With such limited space, something like that would be ideal for me, as opposed to a high-chair. Thanks!-Kim

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Zeynep-183200 1172861248

I remember seeing those in "Aubert" in Nice Lingostiere.

You can probably even just order it from their website:,313880-1341.html

Hope that helps...

ameri-cannes 1172863601

Thanks Zeynep! That's exactly the type of seat I was referring to! But, I must shamefully confess, my french is very poor, as well as my computer skills. I have never ordered anything online before. Is it possible to take the bus from Cannes to Nice and be close to this store?

And, alternatively, would anyone have one they are no longer using and wish to sell?


eurokiné-187861 1172864661

I believe there is an Aubert at villeneuve loubet on the RN7 thus the TAM bus from cannes to Nice goes past it. It's near the ST Maclou carpet place so a bit far from the railway station with a little one in tow I would think


chrissiet 1172864662

there is an aubert in mandelieu.... that is probably closer for you...

ameri-cannes 1172874324

Thanks, guys. It's really embarrassing how lost I still am after being here two years. I really should venture out more...


Zeynep-183200 1172943598

If you don't have a car, it might be an idea just to go to the baby shops that sell "puericulture" products in Cannes, and ask for a "siege de table". Since Aubert has it, others very possibly could. Actually, Autour de Bebe has several models:

Blume-216527 1173285323

Hi Kim,

chrissiet is right, there is an Aubert in Mandelieu, and you can get there easily by bus from Cannes. Just take the number 20 from in front of the train station. It is in the Z.I. Tourrades along with lots of other shops like Darty, Kiabi, Atlas, Fly,etc.

You can e-mail me directly if you need to know more.

Blume-216527 1173285778

And, according to their website, there is an Autour de bebe next to the Leclerc out in the same area (though technically in Cannes la Bocca). Same bus number, but probably the stop before the Aubert stop.

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