Brexit - how might it affect UK families here.

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I've just read this on another Angloinfo site and it raises a lot of questions for UK families here

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Daniel H 1505223326

That's a very handy resource of a website, that is - thanks Gemma!

Gemma-Pell-854551 1505465054

I'm quite concerned about some of the questions raised. For instance we have friends whose teenage children were born, raised and educated here and are completely integrated. However, if the EU "retaliate" to the current UK proposals for treating EU citizens in the UK, these teenagers could be forced to go to the UK when they are 18, even though they've never ever lived there!

Daniel H 1505475227

I wouldn't worry too much about that. I don't think they can force anyone out of a country.

People can live anywhere in the world if they fill in the right paperwork and follow the rules. Brits live all over the world, not just the EU.

There's a lot of unnecessary sabre rattling at the moment on both sides, personally I take it all with a pinch of salt.

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