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My Brother will be in Cannes this weekend, where I hope he can get a, Berchet Charton 'Tonic' (Orange) tricycle for my 2 year old daughter (these are not available in the UK) I have mentioned the Carrefour in Antibes, but a shop in Cannes would be much easier, if that's not a possibility, is there a bus from Cannes to the Carrefour in Antibes ? Cheers, Ron

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ronof9 1078418828

If Anyone has any advice before tomorrow (04-Mar-04) I'd appreciate it.

Especially if anyone knows of anything near to the

'Holiday Inn' (La Toison D'or) 102 Boulevard Carnot, Le Cannet 06110


Humptydingo-180377 1078423169

Why not try their website :, decide if you want an English translation of the site (click union jack icon).  Click on Where in the World showing a map of france and click on Provence area - there you will see where the toys can be found in this area - not very close to you I'm afraid ! Good Luck

Humptydingo-180377 1078424455

Just found site where you can order one from - enter tricycle in search.

ronof9 1078438814

Thanks for your trouble, just had a look on the joupi site but my french is very poor, is there a 'english' icon translation available ?

Would they deliver either to me in the UK or to my brother's Hotel in le-Cannet ?

I have emailed the hotel to ask them for advice but no reply.

Does 'Pays' (autre precisez) mean 'Other Country' ?

Thanks for your Help

szozu 1078440480

I don't know if they carry what you're looking for, but there's a big toy shop on Blvd Carnot, one block south of the Palais de Justice, near Schlecker.


ronof9 1078442085

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know the name of the Toyshop ?

Cheers, Ron

ronof9 1078442996

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know the name of the Toyshop ?

Cheers, Ron

Humptydingo-180377 1078447480

I have looked at the Joupi site again.  They don't appear to deliver outside France or it's territories.  They would probably deliver to your brother's hotel BUT something as heavy as this tricycle would cost €39 delivery and could take up to 8 days.  However I also found out from the site that they have an outlet/shop in 06 as follows :

TEL : 04 93 78 33 69
FAX : 04 93 78 36 89

Hope this helps.

szozu 1078451860

I believe the name of the shop is "Les Petits Rois." I pass it every day, so of course I never look at it! I do remember them having different vehicles for children to ride around in--little cars and suchlike.


ronof9 1078752626

Thanks very much to everyone, for taking the time and trouble to help.

Will pass on the information.

Regards, Ron.

Evie-B 1079302642

There is a small toy shop in Rue d'Antibes Cannes called Mini Jouets - it stocks tricycles (upstairs) as I bought one last year, but I'm afraid I don't know if they stock the exact brand you want.

Good luck,

Thank You.

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