Christening or Baptism outfit for a 1 year old boy

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Does anyone know a store or a online website(that you've ordered from) to buy a very pretty white romper for a little boy? I wan't something that I can keep for a keepsake after the christening this summer. Thanks again for your help... rverduci

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TheNailSpa 1174738438

They have a range of stuff that you may like and they deliver all over the world including Europe.

Good luck.


chrissiet 1174742785

there is also a baby and kids store in nice ligostiere ( carrefour ) they specialize in baptism - confirmation clothes for children....i can not think of the names of it but it is the only one there....i got my childrens things there and was happy with the selection available...

chrissiet 1174742910

oh ithink it was called kid-follies...something with 'follies' attached to it...

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