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Does anyone know the catchment area for the CIV College in Valbonne/Sophia?  We live in Biot and the closest College is Eganaude, but heard that the International Section is not great there.  So, the CIV is the next best option - but, we will probably have to move house.  Any comments would be brilliant and very helpful.  Thanks ..

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There is not a "catchment area" per se.

CIV eligibility is complex because they have a boarding section which overlaps with international sections.  If you are academically accepted into an international section, then there is no concept of "catchment" (or what would be called collège du secteur)  - you simply enter the international section having passed the cut-level of the test.  That is true for all international sections where the COV is the only collège to run such a section - which means all languages except Anglophone.  

For English, the rules are a lot trickier (and some would say murkier) whereby if your collège du secteur offers Anglophone Section Internationale then that is where you go (if you pass the test).  If you come from further afield then you go to the closest. (Slight grey area here where the CIV might be actually closer than any of the others but there I think they operate a sort of unspoken academic creaming).  So there is nowhere that you can move house to that is closer to the CIV campus that would qualify because the other communes' collèges have the Anglophone Section Internationale.

Now.... if you were to move abroad (just theoretically speaking - say have an address in Guadaloupe) and register your child as a boarder - that would be in a fast-track for CIV.  Not what you wanted to hear - but that is more or less how it works.

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Christopher.  Thank you so much for your reply.  We really appreciate it.  You are the only one that has replied so far.  It is certainly very confusing!  We are interested in the English International Section.  Our son has been educated in a French School since he was three, so is fluent in French.  But the College du Secteur is L'Eganaude - which we really don't want.  So, maybe I should go and talk to the CIV. Also, he has to pass the test.  We really do not know what to do.  A massive thank you though for your help. Charlotte

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I think you are too late now for CIV, they have already done the tests and the results of who have been accepted came out yesterday.  Limited places with a lot of demand. Sorry probably not what you wanted to hear.

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Did you think about Fenelon's internatioanl section ?

There is no catchment area for Fenelon...

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Hi, just wondering where you ended up for schools. We are moving to Biot soon and would like to know more about the International section in College.


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Please don't be afraid of Eganaude. The principal there is very dynamic and has spent many years in the US, so has a bit of an American approach. The English teacher is new (for section A), very enthusiastic and challenging. 

All the schools in this area are really good, so don't sweat it, your child will be fine wherever he goes.

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