Do your kids stay in the area?

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A colleague of mine is looking for a junior Marketing/Communication English native speaker and was complaining of getting nothing but CVs from experienced people, no young, junior profiles.This prompted a conversation about what the "expat" or dual nationality kids do after school and uni.   Do you find that your older kids have a tendency to move away after school or not move back after university, especially if they attended a uni abroad?  If so, is it because they don't like the area itself, or the culture, or because they find there aren't enough career prospects here?Really curious about this, especially since I have 3 kids who will be in this position soon/within a few years, so would be interested to find out what happens in other families :)

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I think you'll find that it all depends on their studies  and where they study. Finding a job after studying is not easy, especially in this region, salaries for young people in their first job are often too low given the cost of living and finding affordable housing here.

I have 2 kids, dual nationality, one studying here at Nice fac de medecine, and he will probably stick around afterwards because he couldn't live away from the beach and the sun.

My younger one is looking to study away from the region when she finishes her bac next year as I think she finds it too superficial, too small, but she's looking at doing a prepa, so it will all depend on where she gets accepted! And for work after, I don't think she has any intention of staying in the region, 

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