Easter egg dye and egg hunt?

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So, does anybody knows were to look for one...I'm having trouble finding some.... Also, I would appreciate some info on Easter egg hunt for the little ones... Is there a place that will organize it...like park or something?

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Well, so far I did found out there will be Easter hunt at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild...(kids under 7 do not pay, and induvidual ticket is 9.5 E).....and Beaulieu-sur-Mer...I hope this info will be usefull to others...

I still did not found egg dye....

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hm... well, there really is not the traditional easter bunny here in france...i believe that the ' cloche ' (the church bell )
when it rings on easter morning sends the chocolate flying to the children for them to find.......i could be wrong since some things have changed here in recent years....i remember when i first came there were not even easter baskets available, now they are everywhere...as for the easter egg hunt..you will probably have to find some ' like minded ' friends and organize for yourselves.....

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You might find easter egg dye somewhere like Cultura.

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Villeneuve Loubet are doing tons of Easter related activities. Contact their tourist information office. Stars 'n Bars used to do a big Easter party. Try famillyfirst.fr, this is a really useful site for info on whats on for children in the area.

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I was wondering about egg coloring, too. I've only seen brown eggs here, though, no white eggs...


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I organized an easter egg coloring party and hunt at my house this weekend! It was not easy, mind you!!

Yes, you can find white aggs at Intermarche.

No I could not find egg coloring kits, I had some sent from the states.

No you cannot find plastic eggs that open to hide around the house or garden. I used chocolate kinder eggs.

I would assume you could go to a pastry shop (or pastry secion at your supermarket) and find out where or how to buy food coloring and you could use that to color eggs. Add stickers and candles to use as wax crayons to decorate. And if you add oil to the dye you can do the swirly style eggs.

If anyone is interested I have one egg coloring kit left unused... 100€.

JUST KIDDING!! I'm in Nice if someone wants to collect it!


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Food colouring works fine. They sell it at Geoffries in Antibes or you can get smaller vials of it in 3 colours at supermarkets such as Carrefour, in the cake-making section.

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Food colouring is what we used growing up! We used to draw our designs in wax crayon onto the eggs before steeping them in the various colours.

Works great!!


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I have seen easter egg dye kits in many places:
Schlecker drugstores in Nice
also at Nice Etoile mall in the loisirs shop (forgot the exact name) on the top floor of the mall they have lots of easter crafts equipment including dye kits
Also got some inserts in the mail from various places like carrefour etc and they have loads of easter stuff including eggs you can open and fill

for the easter egg hunts there is one today, wednesday, in cimiez in the park behind the monastery. it's free.

on the weekend there's one at parc phoenix sat, sun and mon.

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I just want to thank everybody on the responses...and wish you happy Easter with your families.....

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