Ecole Col de Villefranche, Nice

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are there any English-speaking parents out there with children in this school? would be interested in meeting.

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Hi, we may be moving to this area in the next month or so. Is this a public school and what is it like??

If we do move there I will contact you again.


Tracey (

annakay 1174234681

i sent you a separate message to your email address.
yes, this is a public school. we will be moving into this school zone in a couple of weeks so i don't know how it is yet. just wanted to meet other english-speaking parents at the school.
will let you know.

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Just for information's sake, you are not necessarily obliged to change your children's school if you move house, normally they will let you finish at least the school year, if not the "cycle" (in which they pack a couple of years together,) ex, if the child is in CM1, they will let him/her finish CM2 in the same school. You can get a derogation for this, although normally it is enough to show them that you know the rules & they will bend to your wishes. If in doubt, ring the Academy & get the info from the officials if the Director says otherwise.

Obviously you may have decided to get it over & done with, & the old school too far away, but in some cases the change in school can cause problems

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