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Bonjour, J'ai récemment crée une école à Antibes pour les enfants anglophone / bilingue. Je recherche activement un prof d'anglais langue maternelle. Si vous pouvez m'aider, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Little Philo School

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I am a Native English teacher, I live here full-time  with my family.  I have worked in England, Belgium, Switzerland and now in France as a private Nanny and a qualified teacher, teaching English to children of all levels and ages.  I am also a swimming and tennis instructor to children. 

Currently I give private lessons to children helping them to gain confidence and enjoy the English language.  I throughly enjoy working with children :) 

References are available and travel is no problem.

Very best wishes 


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I am a British trained teacher living in Nice. If you are still looking for a teacher, please get in touch.

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Je le suis pouvez vous regarder mon site svp. 

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