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Would like to have a christening and would like an English speaking catholic church. Can you recommend one? (contact info is greatly appreciated as well) Thank you in advance!

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Closest to Catholic - St Paul's Anglican Church in Monaco; to be found in Avenue de Grande Bretagne; contact Father Walter Raymond.

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Thank you!

Are you saying that's the ONLY catholic church on the cote?

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Just an idea, but what if you could find an English speaking Priest (rather than 'church') for the ceremony? Wouldn't he be able to conduct the ceremony at any church of your choosing? Sorry, but I don't know a whole lot about this topic, I'm afraid....

Wishing you the very best of luck! :-)

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I think that when Victorious asked for an English Speaking Catholic Church, he actually meant a church in which services could be conducted in English.

As ameri-cannes pointed out, what you probably need to find is an English speaking priest, who can then easily arrange permission to carry out the relevant ceremony at a church of your choosing.

I am sure there must be more, but I know of only one Catholic Church in France, which conducts all its services in English, and that is in Paris.

St Josephs Catholic Church
50, avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Mass is also celebrated in English at the the Irish College in Paris.

There are of course, dozens of Catholic churches between Menton and Cannes, but I do not know any which routinely performs ceremonies in English on a regular basis, although there are a number of priests in Nice diocese whose English is excellent and from time to time, mass is celebrated in English in Cannes by visiting priests.

You should also look at Monaco, where at least one priest speaks excellent English.

You can learn more through the Nice Diocese website at


or you could approach the sacristan at the Notre Dame Basilixa on Rue Jean Medecin in Nice, who should be able to help provide you with an English-speaking priest.

You can learn more about the Arch-Diocese Of Monaco at


and this site is available in English.

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I just read that there was Father Carlo Adams who runs an English mass in the St Charles Catholic church Bvd Moulins Monaco.

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That is correct - Father Adams is a member of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales order, and he can be contacted at the following telephone number, + 33 615612186, ot by email at


The address is just off the Boulevard des Moulins, at 8 Avenue Saint Charles

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If you are still looking, there is a monthly mass in English starting up in our church in Sophia-Antipolis on Saturdays at 6pm

St Paul de Nations church, Ave George Pompidou, Sophia Antipolis (access 12)

Dates of next masses are 17 Nov, 8 Dec 2012, 26 Jan,  2 Mar, 6 Apr,  4 May, 1 Jun 2013.

Liturgy, Eucharist and Hymns all in English

Church web site http://www.ndsagesse.com

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Hello, I'm looking for a spanish or english speaking church were to take the sacrament of confirmation (and the required course) in the area. 

Thanks a lot

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