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Does anyone have an idea for somewhere fun to take small children in the Cannes /Antibes area? We used to have a playgroup nearby but it has stopped and we need something new to do each week! Thanks, La Chata adventures forever!

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Take a look through the following categories from the AngloFILE:

Children: Days Out For Kids

Days Out: Trips & Tours

Plenty to keep the kids entertained here I hope!


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La Ruche in Cannes: lots of fun for the moms and the kids, open Monday through Thursday and it is free!

Here is the link:


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Hi La Chata

How old are your kids? What are you hoping to get from the session .. i.e. do you want to stay or leave your child and is it babysitting or more structured..?

I do a mix of the above .. My daughter goes to the KidooLand playgroup on Mon & Tues in English and on the Friday in French so I get to leave her there for just under 3 hours and it's proving to be great in getting her ready for school in Sep. I get involved in the music class sometimes to show her some family fun..

My son who's already at school goes on Wednesdays to the French art class this week they're painting with chocolate and then we enjoyed some time discussing Islands and Pirates with other bilinguals to try and get his English up (he's English but goes to a French school so we're trying to ensure he gets the balance in the languages.)

Here's the Anglofile details ..

email me if you want to know any more on the sessions I've tried..

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