Exchange English lesson and French or Math or piano lessons :-)

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Hi, I am french and I would like that my 5 years old daughter will learn to speak english with english people. She more or less understand english (she studies in an english Montessori school) but she does not speak, so I had the idea to propose that during these english lessons, I could give french or math or piano lesson to your kids :-) I am engineer with a master degree in Math, I worked at Sophia for a worlwide company and I studied Piano for 15 years. If you like this idea, just contact me: +33615295329 Best Regards, Caroline

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Kaela McVicker 1464612198

I would love to speak with your daughter in exchange for piano lessons!!!!
I am a 21 year old musician from Seattle wa, I am mainly a singer I play some guitar and drums but I would really like to learn theory and piano.
I came to France to be an Au Pair originally but I decided living with a family was a little too much for me, but i love kids. I also love speaking english and helping :) I also speak french too! I start studying at Fac de Lettres in September.

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