Family with child on the autism spectrum (8yo) relocating on the French Riviera

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Hello everyone,Would greatly appreciate any help/info on the below.My sister who has been living in the US for the past 10 years is having to relocate to the french riviera. She has an 8YO son on the autism spectrum. He's currently  in a main stream school but shares - along with other special needs kids - some help from an  'auxiliaire de scolarit√©'. His knowledge of french is rudimentary.My sister is looking for a mainstream school preferably tolerant and accepting of special needs children. I've already contacted the Mougins School and the International School of Nice.  Any feedback or experience with these schools and special needs children would be appreciated. Along with any other school that might be worth exploring.Finally any recommendation on an english speaking ABA therapist would also help.With thanks,Julian

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