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Just wondered if anyone has tackled their school on this - whether they have the "official" info I can't find it on my google searches..what is the official policy is their a budget schools can apply for or is it just the private schools that offer..Any help / history appreciated!Sparkles Out.

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frenchy-nice 1171563931

I am not sure I understand the question correctly but what I know is that FLE is a degree given by the Faculté de Lettrers in Nice (or any University in France). The Maitrise takes 4 years, you have to have the Baccalaureat to enter and it is free. I graduated with LEA certification (which is a similar degree) in the 90's.
If you are talking about french classes for foreigners, they are taught at the same Faculté, 2 sessions per school year, 3 levels and the cost is 700 € per session (approx 4 months, 15 hours/week).

Hope this helps...

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Hi Frenchy-Nice thanks for your reply...
Looking back through some ancient AI postings there was a government directive that non francophones could have extra lessons at school to bring them up to speed and that this happened in schools in lunch hours or after school

What I wondered is does this still exist and if so where's the official blurb I can take in to prove to the teacher :-)


Sparkles Out.

johntomlinson 1171580129

i don t know what the directives are but teachers are all syndicated and don t work more than thirty five hours a week, you are a dreamer if you believe they ll go out of their way for extra work for a single pupil mostly if the " rectorat" doesn t allow for this or know of this

contact the rectorat directly as they are the people who decide or not on budgets for such purposes as you want

good luck but don t expect miracles unless you pay you get nothing usually, sad but true

2004sparkles-193110 1171627276

No I'm far from adreamer thanks John - in the link I left it explains better than I can but I wanted to see if it was still somthing they do.

Think of it like Special needs classes or support classes for under achievers

What is the rectorat?

Sparkles Out.

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