How does maternity leave works if you are a French resident but work in Monaco?

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Dear All,I hope you are doing well. I am 6 month pregnant and have a CDI in Monaco. I was told that since I am French resident (I live in Cote d'Azure and regularly pay my taxes to France) I can benefit from the French system as far as my maternity leave is concerned.On the contrary, at work in Monaco, I was told that since I have a CDI in Monaco, the Monaco law applies.At this point I am confused as I don't know how many months I am entitled to for the maternity leave and at what conditions?For instance, in Monaco I have 4 months paid and then I have to go back to work. In France instead I would have 6 months paid and would benefit of some allowances.Just for the records, I am French resident and married to another French resident. We live in France and regularly pay our taxes to the French government.Is there anybody that can help me clarify my situation? Thank you all so much for any advice you may give me.Regards,Samantha

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You get Monegasque maternity leave which is 16 weeks

In France it is also 16 weeks, so works out the same.

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