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How much does one pay an evening babysitter. They won't be required to do very much as the children will already be asleep, they just need to sit. Any ideas on the going rate? Thanks  

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Si-180835 1122741235

Anything from 10-15 euros per hour. If you need a recommendation and you're within driving distance of Mougins drop me an email.


sscolnik-200278 1122741802

in Bretagne we are paying 5 euros an hour

Twizzel-185350 1122748704

I pay 7€ an hour  added bonus is she is a  trainee nurse ( in Roquefort les pins )

Sarah Rossi 1122749387

I think that this is one instance where you are most likely to get what you pay for!

SammyT-194551 1122762717

I don't think that's necessarily true Sarah...prices can very greatly depending on the number of children, the location (small town bretagne versus centre ville nice), the number of hours/week, and the qualifications of the carer.

hellyg 1122800071

I have had good experiences with an agency called Matelice  I have used them on three occasions now and have had the same Assistante Maternelle each time.  They charge a booking fee of 10 euros and then 6.5 euros per hour.  All babysitters are experienced and vetted, which is reassuring.  No problems with short notice bookings either.


Twizzel-185350 1122802331

I totally diagree with Sarah, I know I would trust someone who has almost qualified in Nursing specializing in Peads to look after my baby more than Joe Bloggs even if I pay them less, to me it says they are not trying to rip you off but take their job seriously.

SJ-190944 1122806102

I, too, have found that prices vary greatly and it is not necessarily based on what the sitter's qualifications or abilities are.  Also, let's be realistic here.  Does a babysitter really need to be more qualified at looking after children than the parents?  How many parents panic in an emergency and how many are qualified in CPR or nursing, for that matter?  Sure, they need to be responsible, reliable and kind and know what to do in case of an emergency.  Just because they charge a lot doesn't make them good babysitters.  Generally, there is not much to do if the children are asleep, but to watch TV, read a book and wait.  I wouldn't leave a baby with just anyone, though.  It really has got to the point where many of us can't afford to hire a babysitter and go out, if they charge 10-15 Euros an hour. 

Twizzel-185350 1122808834

That was my point I pay my nearly qualified nurse LESS only 7€ so can not see that anyone has any grounds to charge any more

Sarah Rossi 1122809723

What I meant by "getting what you pay for" is, speaking from an ex-sitters point of view, you want to keep your sitter happy. It is, in my opinion, one of the most important jobs out there. You're entrusting your children's well being with someone that you may or may not know very well. And in my experience, a good sitter is hard to find and therefore, when you do find one, you'll want to do your best to make them stay.

SJ-190944 1122811162

Hi, Twizzel, my comment was not directed at you.  You have been very lucky to find someone qualified and reasonably priced.  I have also been lucky and have found someone affordable and qualified in my neighbourhood (added bonus that I don't have to take her home), whom the children adore.  I actually have to talk her into taking a bit extra (she insists on only charging 5 Euros an hour and I have two children).  She is quite happy to have the hours, she loves children and finds babysitting an easy and enjoyable task, not something she is doing simply to earn a living.  As such, I use her more often than someone expensive, so we have got to know her better.  I think it is important, though, to show the babysitter respect by returning at the time you have agreed upon.

poochie-197749 1122815697

Pay what you can afford too (if one is stinking rich, and want to pay 5€ an hour it's ridiculous) but on the other hand if struggling a bit, it's normal I think.

woodie-195393 1122818327

If you can get away with paying 7euros for a baby sitter fair play but think about it thats not even £5. 10 - 15 euros is a standard price stop being so tight.

Pastis-200636 1122819153

My 17 year old daughter rarely gets more than 5 euros an hour. Sometimes she's only required for 2 hours and people give her a bit extra but after reading this I'll encourage her to put her prices up!

Twizzel-185350 1122824646

If you are offering to pay the difference then great (FYI it is the sitter that sets the rate)

SJ-190944 1122827795

That was exactly what I wanted to say, Twizzel.  It is the sitter that sets their rate, and mine will not ask for more, but I do give her extra.  She is 18 years old and a student who lives at home and I don't know of a casual babysitter that goes through the system, so it's basically pocket money.  It is not a question of being cheap.  If I didn't have this babysitter, I simply wouldn't go out (it is a fairly rare treat as it is).  I have a neighbour who will look after my kids for free and I look after hers in exchange, but I don't like to ask her too often and she is also not always able.  It's not a question of being cheap.  If you had the choice between two shops that sell the same items at different prices, wouldn't you go to the cheaper one?  I suppose it might depend on other factors, such as customer service and ease of access, but if budget were an issue, you would definitely shop at the cheaper one. 

SJ-190944 1122827914

Oh yes, I have no idea of value in pounds sterling as I earn Euros and have never lived or worked in the UK.  It has no relevance.

AbbieR 1122830074

Hmm turned into much more a discussion that I thought possible! A university student, in her early twenties, came round and watched TV whilst the children slept and we had dinner for a couple of hours in the restaurant round the corner. 10 euros an hour.

Thanks for all replies!


Romantica-196641 1122835001

As ever, long as everyone was happy!!


*lailah* 1141145687

this is an old topic..but what u wrote was really important for me couse i am a baby sitter.i take usually 8-10€/h and i think is a good price for occasionaly babysitting.
one of u said "you are getting what you pay for" and having a nurse as a babysitter..well being a nurse is not makin u a good babysitter. is more about your feeling about kids.ofcourse a nurse will be more able to help your kid if something dengerous 'd all my babysitting experiences (4yrs) i have never had an urgent situation. i have been an aupair in germany in that moment i had arount 7kids to take care of. my mum is a nurse, i think i got this kind of personality from her,that i just LOVE kids n i love to help people (thats why i got some money problems in germany, couse after a while they just stop paying me :/)
anyway, now i have only one family with one cute kid (James 4yrs old) to take care of..n i feel really bad about it. its the first time when i have a big problem to find some more job. even if i take 8€/h in month with 1family it makes me earn ...150€. i dont if u can imagine how its like to live for 150€ a month.
im a polish student, i moved here just becouse my boyfriend (also student) is french n we couldnt stay in poland. i cant find a regular job couse i dont speak french (n i dont have a rigth to work without 'carte de sejour',and ill not get this card for now couse: i dont work here*, i dont study here, im not married to french man).
so trust me being a babysitter is not only about extra job for some people is only one way to get money for a life here which is very expensive.maybe in Bretagne where prices are not that big (high) its ok to pay 5€/h but please dont make girls workin for less than 8€-10€ per hour here in french riviera.

*lailah* 1141146197

im really sorry for my mistakes but i hope ull understand my post :/


Drahcira 1141146646

We use declared French staff (cheque emploi system) - so insurance is paid and all above board. They are very happy to be paid 8.5 euros per hour.

rosalinde 1141213534

Well, 8 euros is the SMIC I think, the basic minimum so presumably less than this is also illegal....?

chilled-210171 1141215387

My sitter charges a €5 'deplacement' fee and then it is €5 an hour - I am quite happy with that and think it is fair - I think €10 an hour to sit and watch television is quite a lot - especially on a French salary!  My sitter is sweet, responsible and totally happy to entertain my daughter if she has not already been put to bed.

luckenbooth 1141491871

Student babysitters are 5 - 6 € per hour.

I don't see why a babysitter needs to be qualified.

If I ask my child "How was it?" and she is enthusiastic about it,  then that's fine by me.



MikeP-180526 1141492455

I don't see why a babysitter needs to be qualified.

Perhaps 'qualified' is not the right word, but I would want to know that anyone with whom I left my child was 'qualified' by having previous experience of childminding, preferably with children of her own, and if that implies that I feel women make better carers for children, that is intentional.  Of course it does'nt mean I wouldn't leave a child with a male carer.

I would also want to know that she has common sense and the means to cope with any problems that might reasonably be expected to arise, such as falling over, minor injuries, choking, vomiting, electric shock, burns, and so on.  None of these should happen, but they can and I don't think that being prepared for them is being paranoid or over protective.

I wouldn't expect a qualified nurse by any means, but someone with basic medical knowledge of children and what can go wrong with them.

Our children are perhaps the most precious things in our lives.  At least, mine is and I am not ashamed to say so openly.

capetowngirl6 1180174082

Nightly rate is 10-15 Euro per hour and , if you are paying 10 Euro definitely after midnight increase by 2 Euro

Especially if there is a long distance to drive home really late at night

If you want to keep a babysitter .....and keep one happy, rather pay a little more as you pay for what you get

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