How Much to Pay for a Babysitter?

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Hi All, We have someone coming in to take care of our 1 year old and I don't have any idea as to how much I should pay her. She is 23 and very responsible. She will be paying her way to get to and from my home. I plan to have her around 3 days a week around 5 hours a day. I plan to work while she takes care of my little girl. No cleaning involed or cooking. Any suggestions as to how much I should pay her per hour??? Thanks, Cylivia

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periwinkle-217974 1175691194

10 euros an hour and you should pay her transport...

user2006 1175708023

12€ per hour.

Izzieyoga 1175720336

12Euro an hour, sorry thats ridiculous. The going rate in Antibes is between 8 - 10 Euro depending on your income. Also paying transport is up to you it is not obligatory. If the work is during the day then they should pay for their own transport but if the hours are unsociable then out of goodwill it is normal to pay for their transport (return journey only) .

flowerpot-197745 1175722419

The minimu wage rate is 8,27 EUR/hour. So definitely 10-12EUR per hour!

10EUR per hour was the going rate when I use to babysit 4 years ago so I guess the price has gone up now!

SJ-190944 1175773887

mymymy, I would suggest that you use the cheque emploi system because it's legal and protects both you and your babysitter. Yes, you then have to pay social charges, but you can declare that on your income tax and basically get it all back, plus a little extra (as far as I understand it).

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