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Hi My son is 19 weeks old and missed his last and third set of initial immunisations in the UK for Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whooping cough, Meningitis C and Hib (not sure what stands for) as we had just moved to France when they were due in the UK. I presume here in France they have the same or similar injections. Can someone please advise what I need to do and where I need to go to get them done? Also I want to have him weighed, how do I have this done? We are living in Nice.

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Are you here to stay?  If so - choose a local general practitioner - you have the right to any you prefer ro even more than one!  Get some recommendations from frinds/neighbours or even here in AngloInfo.  The GP can take care of all the things you mentioned.

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Hi Abbie

My name is Sue and I have an 18 month old and live here in Nice. Your local doctor can administer the immunisations quite easily - I know a really good English speaking doctor who is based in Rue Victor Hugo but I don't think that I'm allowed to put his name or address down here. As for getting your baby weighed I would suggest that you get a paedritrition (sorry can't spell it!) baby is about to wake up any minute!! - I know a lady in Nice centre who speaks ok English who will do it all for you.

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Just to add that if you are staying here on a permanent basis, there are legal examinations that your baby will have to have.  If you find a nice paediatrician, he will give you a Carnet de Santé where everything is recorded and the legal things documented as well.  You can also make appointments at your local hospital in the paediactric unit. They will give your baby regular checkups and make sure his vaccinations are up to date. In France it is more common for children to visit paedriaticians at least up until the age of six befiore chaning to a general doctor.


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Dear all

Thanks for the info


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