Interested in meeting other mums with babies

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janet may



I would love to meet up with other mums for outings, walks, coffee etc in the Vence/Nice area.  I have a 4 month old daughter and will be in France for 10 weeks from 7th Feb.  Can anyone also recommend any mums and babies/toddler groups in the area?  Many thanks.

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nannywanted 1171556105

Hi there Janet

I also have a baby who is 4 months old and would love to meet up. I am based to the North of Nice.

2004sparkles-193110 1171563859

Hi guys there are several Mum and baby groups around - here's a link to why you must go and within the article you can find the link to 1/2 dozen Mum and baby there is one in Vence listed

Sparkles Out.

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