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We are moving from Aix en Provence in search of better international school opportunities for our (now) bilingual children. We are very seriously considering ISN. There are previous comments in this forum, but I would like any updated comments please as to your own experience at the school. For example, I have read that the school appears run down, but the children are very happy. Do the students work hard or is it easy to just slide through? Obviously there is the IB at the end, but we have a school in Aix offering the IB that is not particularly "serious". Could you tell me if/where your child has gone on to university afterwards? It seems to be small in student numbers. Does the school offer enough diversity or is it "claustrophobic" by having a small student body? Thank you for your reponses!!!

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The Riviera Woman 1268302234

I can't speak with great authority but having recently been on the panel of the Press Forum that was hosted at the International School in Nice, I was delighted to meet the Principal, staff and students of the school who showcased an extract of their recent musical production at this media event.

I found the atmosphere at the school to be pleasant and encouraging. Students were extremely polite and extremely eager to represent their school and themselves well.

I hope my little contribution is supported by other comments you receive.


The Riviera Woman

ouch that hurt !-230853 1268303660

The children do not just slide......they have to work extremely hard from what I hear

mas jen-228416 1268304284

One more question is the idea of the Chamber of Commerce running the school. Does that mean it is neither a private school or a state school, somewhere in between? We come from a large urban state school, where we constantly battle with teacher absences, strikes (even in the canteen!), lack of lockers for the students, lack of funding generally... Is the ISN faced with these problems, being run by the Chamber of Commerce???

ilovpip 1268581427

ISN is an amazing school and if you are looking for a good school for english children then i would say ISN or Mougins School are great choices but whatever you do DO NOT send you kids to the CIV (Centre International de Valbonne) it is the worst school on the riviera and you children will hate it. I sent my children there for a year and they were completely depressed the entire time it is an awful school it is dirty and old and they teachers are evil and hate people from england and america my kids came home crying almost every day because they hated there so much so send you children to ISN or Mougins School. It is COMPLETELY worth the price because at least your children will not be suicidal.... hope this helps you make the right decision.

Debbie.Wenn-246797 1268762960

I have to disagree with the comments on the CIV. It is a good school with extremely high standards and yes, the teaching methods may be a bit old and dictatorial but the educational standards are strict and students struggle (French & English), to obtain a place. My son was accepted into both the ISN & Mougins but if a bilingual education is what you want, the the CIV is the school. I'm sorry that your children's experience was not a good one but there are many, many success stories from English & American students who attended the CIV and to say that the teachers hate the English/Americans is a bit strong as the school has over 42 different nationalities.

Again, I will say, academically it is a tough school with strict teaching methods which suits some but not all. My son went straight into 2NDE from the UK with no French and is now doing the BAC-he is now fluent in French which is something he would not be if we had sent him to the ISN or Mougins. I will say that this is my personal opinion and do not want to be involved in a big debate.

trae1107 1269337792

The ISN is a private school run by the CCI, which basically ensures its stability. When public school teachers are on strike, ISN teachers are not. The school has undergone a recent overhaul and is looking a lot better than it used to, and the emphasis is on continuing that progress. My kids have been there for 6 years now and they really do love it. Yes, there are always issues with any school, but overall if the kids are happy and the grades are good, long may it last. The school is very "serious" and takes its accreditations seriously - the IB is also taken seriously, although there may not be a huge amount of subjects on offer, due to the size of the school. Saying that, though, I don't think it's at all claustrophobic. As far as maintaining their French goes - that will depend on their current ages and who their friends will eventually be at the school. Some grades have a lot of French speaking kids in them and some don't - and the older the kids are on arrival, the more chance they've got of maintaining their bilingualism (which is why my youngest is still in French school!) You hear a lot of French spoken around the school by the older kids - I guess it's a language in common. The sports facilities could be better, but as I said, there are always issues....!

KarenJ-232685 1269888270

This is a lovely school, my children are in the Lower School and they are so contented. They love school life and have a varied curriculum with a range of activities. The department always has a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The children are treated as individuals and are given every encouragement by very positive teachers.

ESS-209984 1269889323

As far as I am aware ISN is run by the Chambre de Commerce because they rescued the school when it nearly went bust.

This means that it takes ages to get any expenditure approved, and explains a lot about the state of the school. I was not convinced that they consider it a high priority, for instance all the computer equipment was supplied by the PTA funds and not by the C de C. However that was a couple of years ago, so may all have changed.

trae1107 1269892347

In reply to Ess, yes, it has changed considerably since then an,d the PTA certainly don't supply the computers anymore!

Kali-212870 1269895538

I have only heard good reports about the ISN and Mougins. With regards the CIV whilst there is no doubt that it offers a great programme after speaking to several ex students I decided against it as they confirmed what ilovpip has stated. What made it bearable was the friends/great social network they had there.

Another very good school that offers an international programme is Fenelon in Grasse and they expect very high results from their students.

mas jen-228416 1269897369

Thanks to all the mums who are keeping this conversation going and for the honest comments you are sharing. It really helps to have a community out there who cares enough to take the time to help give advice to newcomers! It is never easy starting all over again in a new place with a family in tow...

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Eric-Feron-903610 1571145168

Hello, I'd love to read soem more recent comments about the SN in Nice, Thank you.

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