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Does anyone know anything about this school, I heard about it on the radio, but the web site has no information and when I phoned them, the person on the phone did not know anything, I asked was the school new, she said she did not know, when I asked how many students there were she did not know that either, she said more than 5. Does anyone out there know.

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jacquifr 1150906106

hi  I am not sure but I think this is a 'reinvented' school that went bankkrupt earlier in the year.  I believe that it was the International school in Sophia Antipolis that had an arrangement with CIV to offer the option of half french half English.  ai would be a bit wary of a school that cannot tell you about themselves over the telephone.

man in a skirt :-) 1150907246

Followed the link from RR and get the following URL and data:




Is this the number you called?

mashua 1150908795

Thanks man in a skirt I am talking about the other shcool that is advertising on RR  École Bilingue Internationale in Sophia Antipolies.

I am already looking into the school in Pegomas.

mashua 1150909006

I heard it on RR and found this link on Anglo wondered if anyone knew anything about it.

  • The Bilingual International School of the Cote d'Azur  ¶ We offer either a primary education in English or for bilingual children, in French and English. Working with individual children in small classes. Promoting lifelong learning skills. Based in Sophia Antipolis, apply now for entry September 2006.
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    » e-mail Tel: 04 93 64 32 84 
  • paquita-212933 1150911234

    Contact directly, Cristina -one of the schools' founders. 0672253904.


    Nini Strawbridge Pellet 1150930534

    This new school, Ecole Bilingue Internationale Cote d'Azur (EBICA), in discussion is in Sophia Antipolis. It has NO relationship to Pain au Sucre or already existing Primary's on the Cote. It also has NO relationship to ISSA which went bankrupt earlier this year. Which was only a program for the last 2 years of high school/lycee. Learn the facts.

    I hope that the answering service that is responsible for the school at present can respond more accurately to the interested callers because I feel that this PYP (primary years program) which is world wide recognized, is very needed in our region full of global citizens.

    At present, there are not many effective bilingual academic programs. And there is a huge demand.

    My 3 children are lucky to all be in the Haut Sartoux Primary program. I say lucky because the spots are limited. This new school opens the opportunity for more students to benefit from an effective bilingual education. 


    mashua 1150962878

    Thank you Nini Strawbridge Pellet, I already know that the school has no connection to the others, I know what it is not and what is needed in this area, but what I would like to know is what it is, I am looking for a school for my son, and am trying to find out if anyone knows anything positive about the school, I have already tried to find out from the school now I am asking the local community, I cant just make a decision on the information that is supplied by the school salesperson, if they reply to my telephone enquiry.  The choice of Ones child's school is a very important decision to make, and I cannot find any information.

    michelle-180928 1150971078

    I'm not sure you'll be able to find anything positive about the school as it doesn't exist yet.

    From what I gather, it's new and opening up in Sept 2006.

    That may be why there's not really any information yet.

    Good luck with your search.


    Kit-197515 1151015525

    I totally agree with Nini...I am sick of having to compete for a place in a suitable bilingual program for original bilingual students because it favors this or that...we'll never know how or why they accept the kids, but we do know that the procedure is not always honest.

    I had an appointment with the EBICA school on Tues. and they seemed very honest, a little worried because they are so close to the end of this school-year and now need clients to continue (or start up)…the reason being that they legally could not advertise themselves until they officially got their license only this past month. But this has been a 4 year project in the works. Although it is a coincidence (this school starting while the other one finishes), it is in no way connected to ISSA that just went belly-up.

    Their program will run the same way as ASEICA following the “Education Nationale” curriculum for all fundamental subjects with placement classes/groups corresponding to the individual student’s needs in language training. But since the school will be private, they will not be under the thumb or authority of Education Nationale.

    They stand firm on respecting the rhythm of the individual student whereas if she/he is more apt in certain subject matter(s), she/he will be able to continue at her/his pace, will be encouraged and will not be held back by the class. And visa-versa, if she/he needs more time to assure her/his subject matter, she/he will be given more time in that/those subject(s)…

    They also stand firm on respect for each other; reassuring me that if there is a quarrel or dispute during recess that they will directly make it a point to resolve the situation by discussion (and with the class) upon re-entry to the classroom…They do not favor bullying!

    Mougins School started in much the same way. They were small, and then they expanded. And they are doing fine with an upstanding reputation.

    The more bilingual programs that crop up will automatically force the ones already established to raise or keep up standards…

    Had it up to my ears with monopoly…Bring on the competition!!!!!!!!!!


    michelle-180928 1151016074

    Well, thanks for the information Kit.

    Could you tell us where the school will be? Or will it actually be in the Espace d'Antipolis?



    Kit-197515 1151017047

    It is located in "Les Espaces de Sophia", 80 rte des Lucioles, 06560 Sophia Antipolis...04 93 64 32 84 / 06 71 40 59 06

    Even if you’re not sure as to whether or not you’ll enroll your child, I suggest you make an appointment. They seem to be more than just salespeople to me. They seem to really want this school to get off the ground; not only for their own ethical reasons but to add something substantial to the community.

    I have no connection to the school; these are only my personal observations.


    michelle-180928 1151017217

    The school is in a business centre?

    Kit-197515 1151018060

    Yes, it is in a building...the bottom part of a building, a building that looks modern, safe, and clean. And surrounded by greenery that feels secluded from the businesses over and surrounding it…it is being decorated to achieve a learning atmosphere as we speak...It looks safe to me with much potential.


    EBICA 1154767700

    The EBICA Ecole Bilingue Cote D'Azur is a new school opening in September 2006.
    The building is situated in Sophia Antipolis near the Centre des Impots and the school will open initially for the age range 6-9 years, other classes will be added as soon as enrollment permits.
    The curriculum will be individualised to suit the needs of each student and will be based on the French National Education system and the best elements from International Curricula such as IB and IPC (International Primary Curriculum).
    The school has no connection with any previous school on the Cote D,Azur and is sensibly awaiting further enrolment before committing to additional classes.
    The website is under construction and the school has sought and found professional advice for the English version of the website, which will be amended shortly. The school is also working with an independent advisor in International Education to assit in its foundation.
    I suggest all interested parties contact the school on info.ebicaschool@yahoo.fr

    tiffanyantibes 1171535715

    Dear Kit,

    Could not have explained the school better than this. The proof is in
    the progress, and with our son who has been attending EBICA since
    september 06 we can only say that it's has been a wonderful experience
    for him. The learning enviroment is conducive of nothing less than a
    positive result. Rather than being told what to learn, he has the opportunity
    to share this with others in a group, and has built an enormous amount of confidence by doing so. The school not only teaches maths, english, french etc. but helps build the character of the child. The world has changed since
    we as parents were educated, in turn the way children are being taught needs to change. We appreciate EBICA's willingness to embrace this method and have confidence that they will continue to build an even better school than
    it is now. If anyone needs a personal reference, please feel free to call me. to mention we are a bilingual family French/American

    Nina77-202748 1171554442

    Guys does this school also offer a program for 16 years old children? thanks

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