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Hello there My husband and I with our 21 month old son James have recently relocated to Antibes.  James and I are going a little stir crazy and would love to get together for coffee/play with other English speaking mums/toddlers in the area. Please get in touch if you would like to meet up or can let me know of any toddler groups in the area.  Julie

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jada-211073 1160493989

if you are mobile head to cornerstone on tuesdays in Vallurius and also the avf in sophia has toddler groups on mondays and fridays

Julie Willimont 1160495880

Thank you.  Unfortunately am not mobile at present although hope to be in the next few weeks.


C.Evison-217121 1161000060

Hi Julie,

I was thinking of going to the AVF mother/baby group is Sophia I could take you with me if you still have no transport. My son is only 6 months so would not be much of a playmate for James but I have reciently moved  here also and am looking to meet other mum's.

Julie Willimont 1161036932

Hi there!  (sorry don't have your name)!

That would be great!  We are actually going (home) for a brief visit this week, but let me know when you are going and where you are based, would be great to get together.



C.Evison-217121 1161346914

Hi Julie,

Im thinking of going next week to the group on Wednesday the place is on the road to valbonne. Let me know if this interests you and we can arange to meet. I live in Mandelieu but travel regularly into Antibes.

My phone no. is 06 73 30 86 78


Julie Willimont 1161638381

Hi Caroline.

Sorry have just returned from a trip home. James has been unwell in England and the Dr is concerned that he may have early stage chicken pox so I think that I should keep him away from other children for the next week. Would really like to get together though so will email you next week.



tsostler-217460 1161857870


I hope I'm not to late to respond but I have a 20 month old girl and a son that is nine. We live in Mougins but are always in Antibes. I was wondering what this toddler group was that you discussed, maybe something we would be interested in? Also looking for someone to get coffee with.



paola16 1161941811


what is toddler group? im mum, live in Cannes ( no drive at moment)and looking for speaking mum, and child for my baby next 16th one year old!


C.Evison-217121 1161958741

Hi Siana,

The group is in Valbonne at Place Sophie Laffitte, Rue Albert Einstein. It is on Mon,Wed,Fri mornings.It was recomended to me by a friend.


steph75-182837 1161959212

Is the bilingual group on Wednesday's at AVF Sophia Antipolis ? Also what is the general age of the babies who attend at present ?

tsostler-217460 1162030959

Thank you so much for all your responses.

I know this sounds stupid but I keep seeing AVF and don't know what it means?

I think I will definitly try the AVF mother/baby group if someone could let me know where it is. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Siana


Twizzel-185350 1162031787

Mondays and Fridays are english/french with children from a couple of weeks to 2½ years old.

Wednesdays there are also older children as there is no school

mum to 2 1162195935

Hi there
This review of 3 Mum and baby groups and info on lots of other baby groups and details on the AVF may help
Good luck


Julie Willimont 1162221144

Hello everyone

Sorry I have only just read these posts as have had visitors for the past week with more arriving tomorrow.

Would anyone be interested in arranging to meet up for coffee/play in Antibes next week? I would be happy to host or we could meet in a park in the town.

I have more visitors this week but they leave on Sunday and then we are completely free so let me know.



tsostler-217460 1162223515

I would love to meet......Just let me know what day and time. Just a reminder I have a 20 month old and a nine yr old.



Julie Willimont 1162410688

Hi Siana

Anna has also replied. Would Tuesday or Friday morning be good for you?

James is 22 months!



tsostler-217460 1162456795

What time were you thinking? My husband usually has the car for his morning practice, but depending on the time I can drop him off and pick him up when he's done. Let me know! Siana


Julie Willimont 1162482212

What time would be good for you, we can work around that?


zoe-180327 1170689501

Hi I went to the Forum de la petite enfance yesterday and there was a Kidooland stand there (it's run by an English lady) - they are running coffee mornings/afternoons I think on Thursdays for only 2 euros.

It was called Mumma Bubba or something like that! But I think it was for older than babies too.

good luck!

Seda Pulcu West 1174910764

Hi all,

I just read all the information on this forum as we are moving to Antibes 8th of April.. (from Nice) I would love to attend to the baby clubs in teh area with our 9 month old son and also meet any moms who live in Antibes. (We were going to lekids club in Nice which he loved)

Unfortunately I will not be mobile, :( so does anyone actually meet up in Antibes. We will live in old town so I was just wondering if any moms on this forum managed to meet for a coffee, maybe we can arrange a play group for our toddlers???

All suggestions welcome...


mum to 2 1174948414

I have just been told that the Mumma Bubba group is moving from the Thursday mornings to the Thursday afternoons from the beginning of April. 2:30-4 is the new time .. they've asked us all to spread the word as they don;t have everyone's email addresses so here's the message call Kidooland directly for more details 04 93 64 53 54

"This is for 3 reasons :
The 1st is because the group is growing a lot faster than I anticipated and so I need to let Kidooland be totally available to the group which I can’t do with morning sessions. With the afternoon session the place is yours …
The 2nd reason is that currently in the school holidays we run holiday clubs and need the space which means the Mumma Bubba group can’t meet in the holidays. With the new time you can keep coming even in the school holidays. There will be a couple of Thursdays we are closed (eg the Bank Holiday and from 18th August until September) and I will post these at the front door.
The 3rd is because there has been demand from many mums for something to do in the afternoon and this will mean they can join in too.

We are hoping that with the timing from 2:30-4 you will have time to have an early nap and then join us for at least some of the time and with so many babies already napping at Kidooland they hopefully will not even realise the time has changed!

So this Thursday will be the last Thursday a.m.
Thursday the 5th April marks the first Mumma Bubba afternoon group. "

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