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Hi there, can anyone help me find some good maternity shops other than Formes also where is the best place to find new baby essentials eg. cot, pram, clothes etc. many thanks in advance

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Ghene 1055245153

There is Natalys in Nice, Monaco and Cannes and other shops like New Baby and stuff. Also there are some 2nd Hand / almost new things for sale in Cagnes sur Mer and Antibes.

Ghene 1055246391

There are many shops on the French Riviera that arent too expensive. Visit << they especialise in baby related addresses. I have some in my son's website which is I will update it in a couple of days that way it has more information to offer to mums.

richardr-181963 1055599616

Hi there,

Try toys r us and aubert, both in Nice Lingostiere

CarolineD-188090 1056119424

You can find Catimini in Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Cap 3000.

It is one of the best quality for baby clothes. The nicest one is in Nice Etoile.


lulu-183463 1056120602

there's a place called 'autour de bebe' on route de grenoble. haven't been but it sounds like a place you 'should' be able to find anything baby. good luck, L

Sands-186811 1056736359

thanks for all your responses, I will start shopping right now!!

Roshana 1092072708

hi there.

Au pareil au meme - Nice, Cannes, Antibes. The Nice shop has more things for babies. Good value for money.

H/M - Nice has lots of baby clothes.

Baby equipment: AUbert - Villeneuve Loubet on RN7

Natalys: If you're buying for more than 250euros, then this may be worth it, as once you have spent over 250euros you get a discount card which is valid for one year and give 15% off purchases. Very handy if you're buying loads of things.


rverduci-186288 1092696714

Have you checked out the catalog "Vertbaudet"?  They have some really cute stuff for Babies and children up to 16 years old as well as maternity clothes.  Plus when you order the catalog, after a few weeks you start to get discounts for as much as 45% off if not more.  You can visit them online at  Good luck with the baby and Happy shopping!

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