nappy/diaper service?

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I was wondering whether anyone knew of a nappy/diaper service in the region? (This would be an organisation that takes the dirty cloth nappies and washes them for you, returning them a week or so later). Thanks for any tips.

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ouch that hurt-214958 1175874314

only ever heard of it in the USA

ameri-cannes 1175876385

Yes, I was also looking for this service several months back and I got nowhere... sorry.


ChristopherL-188542 1176103027

Never heard of such a service and just by the way am pretty intrigued as to how it might work. Babies consume what? about 6 to 8 nappies per day. So if you had the service operating weekly, it would mean you'd need a buffer stock of something between 40 and 60 nappies - all of which would be dirty by the end of the week and you'd need another 40-60 to hold you until that lot came back clean.

Seems like a huge investment and a smelly storage challenge. Why not just do a machine wash every 2 days or so? What is the benefit of the service?

mephisto-222132 1176105936

There are lots of nappy washing services in the uk: they deliver a pile of freshly laundered nappies right to your door and take away the dirty ones to be laundered to NHS standards. I am sure it is more often than weekly though! Perhaps it would suit a working mother or someone who does not have a washing machine?

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