Need recommendation for a summer camp

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Old Chicken



Hi, Can any of you recommend a good summer camp. It is for my 14 years old daughter. I am looking for a fun place where she can meet people her age from all over the world preferably around the lakes in Switzerland. Thanks,OC

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chrissiet 1174986180

i have used the ' modial evasion ' site for several years for my daughter....she started going to camp at age 6.she is now 13...i have found this group to be very good and my daughter always has a great time...just this past winter she went to switzerland to ski and surf with this group and was very happy.....this summer i am trying 'ligne d'enseignment ' for this first time as they are offering the sailing course that she wants to take in corsica.....but if modial evasion had what she wanted i would be using them instead....

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