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Hey Mums (and dads). I've just started up a new Riviera Mums group on Facebook as there are always so many people who are looking for new 'friends with kids' in the expat community. These groups have been a great way for us to meet new little friends for our dude (and for us!) in the Cote d'Azur. Please feel free to join the group, if you have a FB account! 

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Frenchy3 1352452155

Could you give me some advise I leave in a different department 0241826295

indigomonaco 1352466844

What kind of advice???

Suz9885 1432912590

Hi someone suggested the Riviera Mums Group to me today but can't mind it. Any chance of providing a link. Thanks 

indigomonaco 1432913839

Hi, due to the high volume of spammers, the Riviera Mums FB Group has been recently changed to a 'secret' group.  We are now more than 1000 members.   If you email me directly with your email address, I'll issue an invitation to the group.



kmarch 1433977726

Hi Deborah,


Could you please send me your email address so that I can request an invite to the FB group?


Thank you!

indigomonaco 1433978359

You can email me directly through the AI site...

nikkirush 1434657021

Hi there,

I would love to join the rivera mums facebook group... My e-mail address that I use to log onto facebook is Would you be able to add me please? We've been renovating a vila in Cap d'Antibes which will be a summer home but we spend a lot of time there in summer and I think this group would be handy!

Thanks so much!

danielleverlinden 1436045255

hey ladies can you please add me to your facebook group please, i have just moved to the area wiht my 3 year olf little girl and am looking for clubs and fun stuff to do with her.  my email is


Thanks xx

Janechatterson 1440496508

Hi , we just moved to France and would like to join your group to see what's going on around the Valbonne area! 


indigomonaco 1440499806

Please PM me your email address to add you to the FB Riviera Mums group. Thx

Janechatterson 1440502898

pardonmyfrench 1440773574 

DagoDiane 1440958637

Hi I would love to be part of the group!

here is my email

NiamhCalleja 1441405221

Hi I have recently moved to the area (villeneuve-Loubet) with my husband and two small kids and would love to join the Facebook group. My email address is


thanks x

Citronnaire 1441460749


I have just moved to the Cote d'Azur and would love to be part of this group. I have a 18 month old boy and would be good for him to meet other children his age. My email is



Kate UK 1446033565

please can I join the group, i have two children and we are shortly going to live in Tourrettes sur loup. 

My email is

thank you

B29-258870 1446310410

Hi Deborah,

can you please invite me to the group, I have a 2 years old girl and we are looking for new friends:) 

thank you very much.

my email.

nenani 1449699692

Helllo, Can I please be invited to the riviera mums fb group? I am from Switzerland and have a  year old son, that goes to school here.... thank you! My fb profile is found by tiping my name: Irene Papagni Aerne 

indigomonaco 1449701975

If you would like to be added to the Riviera Mums group, you can private message me your email address.

Lillus 1449834856

Hi! Could you also add me to the group, I'm expecting a little girl.

My facebook name is Lilla Dargo

indigomonaco 1449835177

If you would like to be added to the Riviera Mums group, you can private message me your email address.

alex-Godmersham 1451572560

Please, could you add me to the group also?


edelamare 1451851709

Hi, I'd like to join the FB group Riviera Mums. I've recently moved to the area from Sydney with a young son. Many thanks Emy 

matt24 1451907789

Hi please add me to your group. signature1', thank you, Catherine 

egord 1452689616

Hello there,

Can you please add me to this group?



Krunch-10064413 1453256850

Please add me to the Riviera mums group. My email address is

Thank you,

kazstruv 1453307031


sjmashal 1453640350


I'm the mum of a two-and-a-half year old boy and I was really pleased to see your ad, but I'd like some more info. Could you call me or email? We're really free this week so it would be great to get a quick reply. Thank you!!!

My name is Sarit. I'm from London.


joandalice 1456176810

Hi, I'd be grateful if you could add me to the FB group:

Many thanks.

Natasha-Markovic-852925 1458212198

Fabulous idea re the Facebook group.
Could you please add me to the group?
My email is
We just moved from London to Antibes and have a 7 weeks old daughter.
I would really appreciate any advice from other Mum's regarding the doctors, vaccination etc
Many thanks & best regards,

Bee 870817 1518791516

Hi ,can any of you ladies recommend a good plumber and painter ? 

‘Thanks in advance .


Bee 870817 1518791607

Hi ,can any of you ladies recommend a good plumber and painter ? 

‘Thanks in advance .


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