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Hello ! Has anyone any feedback on the Patapum Toddler Carrier or Baby Ergo carrier. My son is fast outgrowing the Baby Bijorn carrier and am thinking of getting a carrier that can carry him behind on my back. I havent seen any local shops stocking these items though besides the framed aluminium Chicco/lafuma types. I prefer a soft carrier that can be transported easily. Has anyone got a secondhand patapum or baby ergo carrier one they want to sell ? Many thanks

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Hi Steph, I bought an ergo (old generation) for my first baby and am very pleased with it, it goes from new-born to big toddler if you like doing the carrying thing for a while... It is very comfortable and has wide straps and good back support. I found it a bit hot in the in this area though, as it has a thick belt area and lots of contact with baby.

I bought mine online from 'little possums' - not ready to part with it though as #3 due soon... Perhaps you could find a second hand one on ebay? If you want to try it out and don't live too far from me feel free to drop by (montauroux).

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Thanks ALX but since I'm at Villeneuve Loubet, you are a bit faraway ;( but nice of you to offer to let me try your ergo out. Is it easy to put the baby in the Ergo and than on my back ? Thats my main worry since my boy is such a squirmy, can't stay still long enough monkey. With the Baby Bijorn I can just strap him in cos it all happens in front.

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I just bought a playtex hip hammock. For older babies up to 35 kilos. Very simple to wear and folds up into a little pouchy thing around your waist. Have read a lot of positive reviews. baby is worn on the side of you, putting weight on your hip, not your back.


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