Playgroups/park/playground for toddler in Menton?

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Hi everyone! My husband, toddler (19 months) and I will be moving to Menton in two days and I just wanted to find out whether there are any good English speaking (and for that matter, Spanish speaking) playgroups in the area?Also, are there any good playgrounds/parks in Menton?Thanks in advance for your advice!MF

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AlexanderOZ 1332431080

My wife and I will move to Menton in the middle of April 2012. Looking for other families with young children. We have a son, who is 2 years old. We are 32 years old.

Really hope to hear from someone in the same situation:)))

Kind regards,

Alexander, Lina and a little fellow Nickita

MF-312799 1334065180

HI Alexander,

My husband and I are in a similar age bracket and have a son who is nearly 21 months old and I will have a baby girl in a few days.

We would be happy to meet up with you once you are settled (as well as ourselves since baby no 2 is arriving in only a matter of days!).

Menton is a great place - you will be happy here.

speak soon,


AlexanderOZ 1337457444

Hello Marisa,

Did not see your reply before.

We are settled, have been here for 1 month now.

How did it go with "nr2" :)?

If you will have time, maybe we can all meet together?

I will send you my local number to ypur email.

Have a great weekend.

Alexander & Lina

Andy-Geoghegan-852343 1457903328

Would love some advice from mentonions.. I currently live near sommieres in languedoc, France with my wife and 3year old boy (and dog). We live in a small, idyllic and beautiful hamlet. But! There are no kids, and the fact that there is little open in winter along with our relatively remote location has meant that we need to look for another location. Menton has been mentioned to us and we are visiting in two weekends. I think my missus will go crazy if we move there and can't find 'things to do' and a child friendly community. We are hippies at heart, love the outdoors, and not considering sending our boy Arthur to school/nursery quite yet unless there is something he/we like. I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice on this and any ideas where we can visit, who we can speak to etc would be great. If we like our intention would be to move in October for a few months.
Best wishes

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