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Hello My father arrived for a holiday last week and fell ill for the first time ever in his life. He was rushed to intensive care and has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is now in l'Archet hospital . I have the choice of having him treated there or getting him back to the UK NHS. I know the bad things that we all hear about the UK health service and I am very pleased with the treatment that he is being offered over here. However, I would like to know whether anyone has any experience with this sort of thing. Is the cancer treatment as advanced here as it is in UK? I know that the wards and the surroundings are lovely here but that's of limited importance to me at the moment  I want the best treatment possible. Now that the diagnosis has been made, would he be treated quickly in the UK or would he have to go on a waiting list? I'm also worried that there are few support groups over here (he doesn't speak French) and he would get a Macmillan nurse in the UK wouldn't he? Please, if anyone has any informed opinions on where is best to receive treatment, I would be so grateful so that I can offer him the choices. Thanks ClaireCLAIRE H. - NICE

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I don't know much about cancer care in either country but I just wanted you to know I'll be thinking about you and your dad.


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Claire, I've seen some truly excellent cancer treatment and post-op care in hospitals and clinics here.

From this site, check this link for Living with Cancer, Juliet Young, coordinator, tel 04 94 78 88 26

Take care


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The facilities for cancer treatment in France within the public health system are truly excellent. Have no doubts on that score.  You are right to be concerned about the support system though.  One factor that you should consider strongly is your Dad's state of mind in face of this news and exactly what HE wants for his treatment.  For a truly successful reovery, he needs to be committed psychologically and emotionally in addition to the chemo and radio treatment.  Therefore you both need good information not only on the treatment but on the support networks.  Punc has give a good AI reference for a support group and I would suggest that there are a few English doctors in this area, experienced in cancer follow-up who would probably be agreeable to visiting your father in hospital and be able to give an objective view of the 2 national systems to help your Dad to choose.  E-mail if you need a contact.

Wishing your Dad the best possible care and please let him know that we pray for his strength to overcome this disease.

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Hi Claire

Further to the advice from Punc and Legend, Riviera Medical Services (Tel: 04 93 26 12 70) should be able to recommend local English-speaking doctors and nurses if you and your dad want to talk through the UK/France options in English (I think they have some ex-UK doctors on their lists who may be best able to help you make those decisions).

More details here:

And all the best.

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I agree with the people above.  If your farther were to be treated in England it would almost certainly be in adambrooks (I think that is the hospital, it is the one devoted to cancer patients) I once new a female who had cancer and she said that she dreaded going to the hospital because of the morbed atmosphere.  If the surroundings are good in france and IF you can find the necessary support groups it may be prudent to stay in france.  They say that a healthy state of mind is half the battle wth this disease.  The things that doctors can do are truly amazing and with the diverse communication networks set up for this very situation if the treatment is not at hand in france it can be sought elsewhere and administered in france.  Ultimately it is your fathers decission though, as he is the one that needs to do the fighting, and if he feels more comfortable in England he should come back.  If on the other hand he is unsure maybe you should go and see a consultant together.

As above our prays and hearts are with both you and your father for the battle ahead.

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People from all France come to Lacassagne, Nice to get healed from cancer.

A stomach cancer can be treated very well, but your dad'smoral is very important.

best thoughts


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Thankyou to everyone for your advice and kind messages. I've managed to get him out of the hospital for today so he can watch the football!! I've followed all of the leads given and they've been excellent and very reassuring. My dad is happy to stay here for the surgery (total gastrectomy) and will probably go for follow up treatment in UK. Once again, thank you everyone.


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Hi Claire


I would just like to reassure you about the treatment for your Dad's serious illness in France.  I have been waiting 6 months on the NHS in the UK for a diagnosis (possibly bowel cancer). I have had 13 different invasive investigations into the GI tract and 2 periods of hospitalisation over the past six months.  I came to France for a break from the agony of waiting and dealing with the NHS in March.  Unfortunately I became very ill whilst on the Cote d'azur and saw an excellent English speaking doctor near St.Tropez.  He was absolutely astounded by the terrible treatment I had received in the UK and I am coming back to France to get treated in Nice hospital by a consultant there.  The NHS is a disaster and I have had to go to France or I may not survive.  I wish you and your Dad all the best and I am certain that the treatment he receives in France is the best anywhere.  Good luck.

Best wishes


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Dear fi

Thanks for your response. Sorry to hear the problems you have had in England but it has helped us make up our mind about dad's treatment.  I hope everything goes well for you.

Best wishes


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Dear Claire

Im glad you are now reassured about your Dad's care.  Your Dad will be fine especially as he's got you looking out for him. We all go through the initial shock but I promise you, your Dad will cope as long as he has a little support, its a tough thing to face especially when you've never been seriously ill.  I am a counsellor and I still find it hard sometimes to come to terms with my own illness.  I wish you all the very best and lots of happier times to come once your Dad's treatment is sorted out.

Keep strong. Luv Fi x


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