Re-locating to Valbonne - looking for rental and primary school

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Hello, my husband and I have currently moved to Nice (where I am originally from) after 25 years working overseas as humanitarian workers. My husband is Irish and we have decided to move to Valbonne, Biot where there are public schools with international sections and where children come from different backgrounds to ease our own children's adjustment. We will look to buy a property in this area but we want to rent for a year or so first to get to know the region, does anyone have some advice on where to live in Valbonne, Sofia or Biot to fall within a catchment area with a good primary public school? I hear the school Iles verte is very good but I am unable to find any rental nearby this school. Any info, tips on rental in these towns would also be highly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience. Hosna and Keith

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