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Hello all, we've been living in Normandy for 15 years but are moving to the Nice region for work proably in August.  Anyone suggest good places to live in the area?   We'll be looking to rent to start with.  We'd like to live somewhere accessible by public transport, having been in deepest countryside, we'd like a change.  More importantly, our son is due to start lycee, anyone got any positive/negative remarks on the lycee in the area?Many thanks, any helpful remarks gratefully received.Sarah

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There are dozens of wonderful places to live down here, And when you say the NIce region, where exactly will your work be? And what kind of school are you looking for , private, bilingual, or just French school or semi private French school. There are also dozens of lycees down here and quite a few in Nice alone! When you tell us a bit more, we can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for replying, I sent a long message yesterday, but it has disappeared!

My partner is currently working in Ville franche, but we're flexible as he'll probably move around, as long as we're not more than 1/2 hour away by train/bus it will be fine.  We did think of Grasse or Cannes?  We don't really want anywhere too expensive as we're keeping our house in normandy for the moment .  We're currently enrolling our son at Les Eucalyptus as they do the BAC SSI that he wants to do, but that could change if we don't end up living in Nice itself.

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If your son is at Eucalyptus then living in Cannes and Grasse will be probably too far, traffic is horrible in the morning, especially if you're crossing Nice to get to Villefranche.

Nice Mont boron is a nice place to live and is on the right side of Nice to get to Villefranche, the lycee  is right on the other side of Nice to the west and the area is popular with families, but I find it too quiet to live there and you have to take your car to go anywhere

I'm not a big Grasse fan, but Cannes is a nice place to live, very quiet in winter, busy in summer but is pleasant most of the time, big enough to have plenty of shops, restaurants etc, and small enough to get around on foot. 

Do you have the possibiltiy to visit the region before you make a decision? And see which areas you fall in love with

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Hello I am living in Vence, we have a good school for Lycee here. Just above St Paul de Vence. I was surfing around some discussion about Living in Normandie as we have decided with my husband to move there. I would love to exchange some ideas and definitely advices from you, please do email if you have time. Thanks!

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