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Hi, We are a family with 4 kids moving from Australia to France (near Grasse) at the beginning of 2016. We will be putting our younger 3 kids into a local French school and wondered if anyone knew if there is a French high school with an English/Bilingual section in that area as we would love our 12yr old to learn French but we don't think he will manage in a purely French school. We would also like to get involved in some sports or local clubs, if anyone knows what sports are played in the area please do let us know. Many thanks Delia

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Deli a, my name is Jane and have been here for 1 1/2 years with my kids both 7 & 8 years old, and I am also from Australia. Around Grasse I would say the best would be CIV ( college International de Valbonne ) it is very popular and specialises in language. I at present have my kids at the local school in Antibes, and they will have one more year there 16/17 before then going onto either CIV or I am also looking into some other schools closer to Antibes, that are bilingual or Mougin international, but for yourselves I would say that would be the best and the connection of sibling friends etc...from local Grasse school mostly would go onto there also. Good luck check it out. Don't hesitate to get in contact me, would be happy to help. Regards Jane Seppy

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in Grasse there is Fenelon which has the same program the the CIV:

My daughter (12 years old) is there and has 9h English /week + about 20h in French.

Fenelon has also a primary (all in French).

For sports, you can look here:





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Hello Delia,


I too am moving to Grasse with one 8 year old boy in January. I have been researching many schools and there is one called EIB only 15 minutes drive away. Its called
ECOLE INTERNATIONALE PRIVEE BILINGUE DE PEGOMAS. This was the closest one I could find, but I am not sure what year it goes up unitl? I too am open to any suggestions, from anyone else. Another school I am chatting with is called EBICA, it looks like it is more similar to the Australian way of teaching. After speaking with Luc;s principal today, he thinks the local schools are great, but to be mindful that it is more like school when we grew up, a lot more traditional. I would love to hear what you think Jane? Would love some tips from someone who is already there!

We are coming from Melbourne. How old are your other children? 

Thanks so much,


I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for the other suggestions Jane and Marie-Pierre

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It's half French, half English.

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Thank you all for the wonderful responses.

I have a boy who will turn 12 in January so may be a bit old for the junior school which is a pity. The others are 9, 7 and 4yrs.

Thank you for your information on schools, I have also heard that the kids will find schooling very different compared to Melbourne and the kids will take a bit of time but I am sure will adjust.

Best Wishes


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Hi Jane,

We have moved into our house for the year in Speracedes near Grasse. Before leaving Melbourne I met a friend of your Anna...very small world:)

My kids would love to get involved in some sport while we are here. In Australia they play basketball, AFL, cricket and swim and the 10yr old girl loves gym. I know AFL is out but do you know if there are clubs available for any of the other sports? Have your kids got involved in sports clubs? Can you give any advice as to how to go about it.

Many thanks


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sorry have not responded, am not very techno friendly. My mobile is 0778513414.  i am not quite sure where you are re School decisions, we stuck with the local school, but I do believe it depends on the age of the child. To me it seems if your son is 10 he would be better off at a international school, but not a big one. Evict is excellent, and very involved with the students, also giving the option of choice of direction the student wishes to go, once at the end of College ( for Australia- middle school). So you can either go the direction of doing the BAC - French Curriculum, or Cambridge- English C. So quite a good option.

give me a call anyhow and we can catch up for a coffee.



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sorry so long with respond, but Ebica sounds exactly what your son needs. My son is 8 & daughter 7, but we have been here for 2 yrs already in the local school, and my kids did 1/2 their kinder at a French school in Melb. Although I am intending to send Edward ( especially to Ebica ) come college years, as I think CIV will be to big for him. being first child, a boy, and quite sensitive, he needs not the macho tough regime that some boys need. He is more a creative mind. So most likely it will work well for him, where as Ebica may be what your son needs now, then onto somewhere CIV, or a bigger International school.

as I said with Delia, let's catch up for a coffee, and chat I am around, and have a car so can come to you if need be.

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Thanks so much for your response. I have Luc starting at EIB in Pegomas now as it is closer to Grasse and a small class size of 14. We arrive in 3 weeks, so will definitely call and catch up very soon.  Very excited!

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Jennette, look forward to hearing from you,



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