Schools on the Riviera

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Hi, I would like to start a discussion about schools in the riviera area. Most are not bilingual but with the riviera being so international, there are quite a few international schools. Each will propose different ideas. I love Montessori for my young children. But Montessori is not a registered mark and there is little or no control on what the actuel teaching level is. You should look at what « Avis » say before signing. Also compare quality, offer and price. Some are the double of others and the teaching is not as good. Children who don’t speak either English or French need to be in a caring and calme atmosphere where the teachers will talk to them enabling the children to actually learn the languages. In a class of 35, they are just left to get on by themselves but are rarely spoken to by an adult or even other children who can’t talk to them. Little Philo School at Antibes is a great little school which is bilingual, Montessorien and only takes 10 children per class. They are very caring and each child is treated as an individual and with respect. it is an international school with a fab reputation even if it’s still young. I strongly recommend visiting this school. The teachers are wonderful and the children are very happy. They work in a calme atmosphere and learn quickly. Other bilingual schools in the Antibes area are EBICA, Les Colibris, Montessori International and Mougins School, please leave your comments to help others choose. 

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