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Hi All, My son is 17, has lived in France all his life and is applying to university.  English university fees are absurd however I heard that Scottish universities are much more reasonable.  Can anyone clarify ?

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If you trawl through the anglo info brittany there were a few discussion s on that about Scottish uni and fees

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hello i am in a similar situation and wanted to know if you had any further information on this or any other universities that are not the norm re fees.


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I can tell you that Scottish Universites are free in the sense that the tuition fees are paid.  I'm still trying to figure out if I can get a loan for the living expenses though.


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Scottish universities are either free or, possibly £1800 per year for fees. if you are european not if you're english. We however are English but French tax payers and have been here forever - also the kids were born here - but apparently we qualified as non-english for the Scottish universities purposes. Which would have been great had our son actually decidied to go to Scotland! if not, i suggest you get a student loan for the fee part of the uni experience. that's available to all EU nationalities and works on all GB unis and is simple to organise. The living expenses are another story however - much harder to get in either case.

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