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Hi I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son and he doesn't seem to be able to pronounce his L's. He does everything to avoid using words with the L sound and when he does use one it comes out as G or N . It isn't a big deal I don't think but at the same time I would love to know if there is something I can do. Thanks for the help

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Could be a big deal when he starts speaking french with all those le, la les l' complications! Best not to ignore it.

Go see an orthophoniste & get a "bilan" done. This, and treatment necessary,will be covered by the security sociale if you have a carte vitale though you may need to go to your GP for a prescription. No doubt others will have more up to date info on this & recommendations of who to see -my dealings with a speech therapist date by about 15 years!

best of luck

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the orthophoniste is the answer. they will teach him how to pronounce the L's, or whatever other difficulty there may be; you have to go to yr GP & ask for an ordonnance. They are used to dealing with young children & it is usually very "gentle". get a bilan done & see what s/he proposes,

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Get it seen to. Is my advice.

My son has a hearing problem which caused him to have a speech problem. If he had seen a speech therapist earlier his problem would have been picked up sooner and he would not have had over a two year delay in his speech. He see's a French orthophonist and an english one, every week. And has come on in leaps and bounds. With the help of this and the hearing aids he is not too behind now. My son is almost 8 now.

So get him seen after all it's just a test.

I can give you some reccomendations if you want.

Good luck

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Dear surfer,

While it is always safe to see a specialist to rule out any difficulties your son might have, I can tell you from experience that it is very rare that children under 3 can say the letter L. I have been working with kids ages 1 to 4 for 5 years now and only a hand full have been able to say my name (CLAIRE) so far. The letter F is also a tough one for some...

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Agree with Frency-Nice.. my son is the same age -- his name starts with 'L' but he doesn't always get it out.

ALso.. my husband is a French orthophoniste and they rarely see kids before the age of 3. If the problem is just the one sound -- he would likely tell you to wait a bit longer. There are plenty of children who don't start even really speaking until 2 1/2. It is curious tho' that your son seems to know and avoid words with 'l' -- that may make for a different issue?

A suggestion for a fun way to practice sounds is the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. It has all the letters of the alphabet and sings a little song with the sound. My son loves it and tries to imitate the sounds. You can find it here in French...for an English one you'd likely have to have someone send it..

good luck...

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Hi Surfer!

Have you tried singing with him? When my daughter was around 2 or so, she used the 'Y' sound for her 'L's, as did her cousin, who was a few months older. The two of them would dance around, singing as aften as we'd let them. One of their favorites was "The La La Song", by Inner Circle. I began correcting my daughter, by showing her (with my mouth wide open) how to make the 'L' sound, with my tongue up against my teeth (so she could see clearly). It didn't take her long at all for her to catch on. I wouldn't worry. He is still very young. If you want, I can try to send this song to your email. It's a really fun sing/dance tune the kids really love!

Another idea is the lollypop trick. Offer him a lollypop, but only if he can say it properly. I know some people might find this a bit mean, but at least then you'd know whether he can't or simply won't say it correctly.


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I would like to thank you all for the replys. I would say that I am not in a state of panic but would like to think that I am now a little more informed. I do try to mouth the sounds and I have subjected my kid to my singing so we will see how it goes. Thanks for your help and god bless our future.

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I'm sure you'll both be fine. Sounds like (pardon the pun) perfectly normal development. Have fun!


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