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Hi Can anyone recommend any good state schools in the Sophia Area that would cater for English Kids ages 7 & 4. Your recommendations would be really appreciated. Thanks  

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If your children are 4 and 7, then the classes that receive them are "Maternelle" for the younger one and CE1 for the older one.

Maternelle is found in the "Ecole Maternelle" of your commune.  CE1 is found in the "Ecole Primaire" of same commune.  Generally speaking, you do not have any choice - your maternelle and primary schools are determined by your place of residence.  That being said, you CAN get a "derogation" from your Mairie for the children to attend an out of commune school but you would need an exceptionally good argument for that.  You might be thinking of placing them in the bilingual primary in Sophia-Antipolis.  Be advised that: (a) entry conditions are tough - unlikely a child could get in mid-stream in CE1 and, (b) they don't offer bi-lingual maternelle anyway.

My advice - settle your children into your local commune schools - they will be excellent.  If you are in a situation where you can choose where you live (and therefore determine the school you are assigned), then you will find some older discussions in here comparing various primary schools in the area. 

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I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond and for the info you provided.

All the very best for the future




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