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Am I the only woman who lives in France who knows about the Police Check which every Carer, Nanny, Au Pair etc. legally needs, to be legally allowed to be working with either children or the elderly or both? Every three years the employee has to complete legal forms which in turn are given to the prospective employer plus the employees money to pay for the paperwork. The employer puts only a postage stamp onto the envelope with their address. The Police Check takes just about no time at all and the paperwork, dated and signed etc. is posted back to the employer on the premiss that all is well. Should the Carer, Au Pair, Nanny work with several different children, elderly etc. that employee must have separate documentation for each employer, unless placed by an Agency. In which case, the Agency holds the document. In the bigger picture, this is obviously the way forward.Blossom_Fleur

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