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I am going to paris and the hotel which we can stay in does not have a cot for our 12 month old baby. I have a pack and play, very heavy and not really ideal for traveling by plane/taxi/metro etc...w/ luggage and baby. Does anyone have a sleep solution? Does any one have a easy to travel with cot they can lend me? Thank You! I have helped many mothers on anglo info and hope one can help me now. Leslie

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Many light years ago, I bought a child size sleeping bag, & my daughter just collapsed into it (on the floor) whenever we went out, or I was invited over for a meal, or travelling, she may have been just a little bit older, I can't remember. Only disadvantage was that she walked at 9 months, so was free to wander out of it if she chose to. However she adopted it as "her territory", so never needed a travel cot

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Hi Leslie. I have a Graco pack & play I don't know if it's same as yours, but you're welcome to borrow it. I don't know the dimensions, but I can measure it in the am. It's currently packed up and bagged in my cave. Let me know.


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When I went visiting US my sister had 2 big arm chairs in her living room, and we spun them together, making a perfect baby-sized bed. Any chance the hotel might have the type chairs?

...just a thought...


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...or even a sofa or love-seat, which can be swung around, facing the wall?


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We have a travel cot you could borrow but it's heavy. I think they all are really. You can get lightweight pop-up ones for tiny babies but I think your baby would be too old for them.

I did a quick Google on rental of baby equipment and came up with this company:
They seem to offer a service where baby equipment (including beds) can be delivered to a place of your choice (airport, hotel etc.) They advertise themselves as enabling you to travel light. Might be worth a try?

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Thank you everyone for your help. You have all given me some great ideas, and I am sure that I can now secure my babies safety.


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