Valbonne playgroup?

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We have a 3 1/2yr old grandson looking for playmates.  He'll be here until mid September.  If anybody's interested we have the swimming pool, the tennis court, three horses, ducks, chickens and a pack of dogs.  We'd be happy to have a bunch of kids once a week.  

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Marc-Smythe-941827 1628003020

Our 3 year old would love that. He is very advanced for his age and we are having problems keeping him active ! 

lkissin 1628003743

Whereabouts are you?  LK

lkissin 1628003784

And does he swim?

Marc-Smythe-941827 1628012318

We are in Cannes. He has a swim vest floaty thing and loves water. We actually have a dog too lol. Could be a family morning out x

Natasha-Gomer-992803 1629728097

Hi, your suggested playgroup sounds great if you are still looking to set one up/keen for more children :) i have two twin boys who just turned 4 and we live about 10 minutes from Valbonne. Look forward to hearing from you! 

lkissin 1629800133

Do the boys swim?

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