wanted new 'best friends' for my 8 yr old daughter

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We are moving to Antibes in the next few weeks and as my daughter will not start school until September, she will not be able to meet new school friends until then She is keen to make new friends when we move to France and I sure it will help her settle into her new life a lot quicker Please email if you have daughter who would like to meet a new friend

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Would an 8 year old boy do? My son enjoys his female friends as much as his male friends... Do you know which part of Antibes you are moving to?

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we will be living in the old town for a few weeks, then hopefully moving to Mougins

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I'm a bit further out at the edge of Antibes, so perhaps not much use just for a couple of weeks as school and work take up most of our time during the week. You will find that in the centre of Antibes there are a couple of playgrounds, where your daughter is bound to meet up with other children who speak English. Also, in Mougins there are plenty of English speakers and if you take her to play at the Valmasque she will meet other children. I hope someone else with an 8 year old daughter gets in touch with you, as I understand how isolated one can feel in the beginning. It won't be long before she settles in though. Best of luck with your move.

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We're discusing Pirates and Mermaids at KidooLand tomorrow ..it's a new thing for the bilingual/ anglophones to get them meeting and chatting in English...we have a couple of 5 year olds and the ideal age is 5-10 year olds...taking a fun and cultural journey , history, geography science and nature and just fun stiff like pirates and mermaids!
email me if you want more details or look up on the AI directory

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Might your daughter like to enroll in a sporting activity? The sports centre at Mougins Les Oiseaux does various activities on a Wednesday when there is no school (activities such as tennis, Judo, gymnastics etc) and there are quite a few English speaking children who attend the classes, although I'm sure your daughter will quickly make French friends too. I believe that Mougins School also run activities in English which are open to all during the school holidays - you could try dropping them an email to information@mougins-school.com to find out more. There is also horse riding at Grasse le Plan where many English speaking children attend.
Good luck with your move.

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My daughter will be 8 years old on the 29th of March, we are living in the Old Town of Antibes, the only thing is that she is far from being fluent in English yet, but she is used to be surrouding by English speaking people, if you'd like, send us an e-mail.


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