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Dear All, I have a nearly 2 year old son and my wife is due mid January. Any advice/hints/ tips on finding a realiable and trustworthy live in Aupair for the Montauroux region would be greatly appreciated please.   thank you

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Just wanted to share a quick note to recommend the group Riviera Mums on Facebook which is a lovely group of expat mums if you need advice/recommendations for ANYTHING and Enfants D'Azur website which has lots of useful info to do with the kids. I wish these were available when I first moved here four years ago!  :)

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Hi we are a family of 5 - kids 13,6 & 2. We would love to know aabout any events happening where we can meet people. We are in Le Cannet.    Thanks   Catherine

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We live in Beaulieu and are looking for, above all, a friendly, fun football club for our six year old to join ASAP. There's not much going on in our village, so I'm hoping to get some first-hand recommendations from between Nice Est and Cap d'Ail. He's completely fluent in French, so language no object. Just trying to find somewhere that exudes fun and games rather than serious technical training which, at his age, I think misses the point! Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I have a 6 month old baby boy and would like to meet new mums. I don't know anybody with babies this age in Nice. It would be so nice to share the experiences over a coffe or a walk. Please don't hesitate to contact me!Ave

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We are looking for a reliable, affordable maths tutor for our daughter who is in Terminale ES at the CIV. Also for our son in 1ere ES at the CIV. We've had some not-so-happy experiences with tutors who didn't show up or just weren't cut for the task. We live near Carrefour Market between Valbonne and Biot. Any recommendations?

started by: Ginny-165055 · last update: 1443195411 · posted: 1430144173

Hi We are moving to the area in 2016 and have visited Mougins school which we liked. Our two children ages 3 and 7 currently are at prep school/ nursery in england and we want to keep disruption to a minimum for them,  particularly for our eldest daughter. We also want to leave the door open to return to the UK system at any time. From this perspective Mougins seems the best option.  Just wondering if anyone else has experience of having young children at Mougins school ? How did they get on with the other children from different nationalities, are the children encouraged to integrate well ? Are your children happy and challenged there ? If you moved recently how did they find the move from a relatively strict UK environment to what feels like a more relaxed international one ?  My children speak English and Spanish but not really any French at the moment.  Any views positive or negative would be very much appreciated.  Kind Regards

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I am looking for someone who could organise a birthday party for a 5 year old in Monaco. I would lke something outdoors (in a park or similar), for about 10 kids and 15 adults. Entertainment, party bags, decorations etc Can anyone help? Please contcat me on 06 47 74 27 88 Thank you  

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Hello,  I live in Nice, near the hospital Lenval I am looking for a babysitter to babysit my 5 weeks o boy, Monday and wednesday from 7:30 to 12:30   friday from 10:30 to 15:30.    the parking sera a ma charge bien évidemment(I will pay for the parking)      

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Hi; I am looking for somebody to help my 12 years old daughter a couple times a week learn Italian. Ideally the person would be located around Fabron - Corniche Fleurie area of Nice becuase transportation is limited for her.   

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Hi All, Does anyone have any information on where my English speaking son can sit a TOEFL exam? Any info gratefully received!

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Hello,  I am in Grasse, not far from Magagnosc and I am looking for a reliable and kind English-speaking babysitter to have playful time with my 3 and half y.o child. 2 or 3 times per week, after 4 pm on weekdays and morning or afternoon on Saturdays. The aim of the sessions will be to give my child an introduction to English language - teaching him a few words, songs, playing memory games, etc.- while playing.    

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My daugher has just started in the 1st year of lycee (classe seconde) and would like to know what music options she could take this year.  Aparently there is an option "art du son" but we can't find out what that covers. And perhaps there are other options, including performing, theory etc. She has done a lot of music when she started at 5 years old. She plays a number of musical instruments, has done a lot of performing and is keen to continue her music. If anyone can give us information on the music options at the CIV for "Seconde", we would be really grateful. 

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I am a single working mother living in Antibes and my six year old daughter will most likely be going to the Haut Sartoux school in Sophia Antipolis / Valbonne from September 2013 onwards. I am looking to share the daily drive from Antibes to the Haut Sartoux school with other parents in  the same situation. Should anyone be interested to share the drive with me, please contact me by mobile at 06 10 02 06 43, or by email reply here. Thanks in advance, Tina

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Hi! We are from Ireland (French/Irish couple) and just arrived a month ago to live in Villeneuve Loubet near Antibes-Nice with our 2 kids (3 yrs + 1 yrs old). We would be happy to catch up and get a drink with some english speaking "locals" :) Either Nice or Antibes - Cannes, happy to chat Thanks Charles & Niamh O'Connor

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Hello everyone, I have recently shifted to Monaco with my husband and 4 year old daughter. I was looking for a variety of after school varieties to keep her entertained and was considering Monte Carlo Munchkin's club for the same. They seem to have a large number of actvities in the evenings, all under the same roof. Does anyone have any reviews about the club ? Do they teach music, arts and craft, judo etc as seriously as some of the individualized activity schools in the area ? Your opinion will be of great help. Thanks !

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Hello, Does anyone know a good violin teacher  in the Antibes, Biot, or Valbonne area? My daughter is eager to learn. Thanks for any leads.

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My family is moving to the Valbonne area in August and are wondering if there are any Guides/ Brownies groups in France particularly in our area? I have two girls (8+12) who are currently in clubs in the UK and love them as well as getting the opportunity to meet new people. Any news would be really appreciated Sam

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i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good French violin teacher? It's for my 6 year old. We applied at the music school in Antibes but he's 6th on the waiting list and it's doubtful he'll get lessons there this year. thanks!

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Hi there, We are moving to just outside of Valbonne in May. I was wondering if there are any pregnancy groups or classes in the area? I also have a toddler so great to meet anyone with kids of a similar age. Thanks so much Alice 

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