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I need an pediatrician in Nice english is preferred but not a necessity. thank you.

started by: TanyaSim · last update: 1437482543 · posted: 1437482543

Hi Everybody, We are from London ( Russian/ British) family with 14 y.o daughter ( tennis player ) . We would like to meet other people in Nice ( russian, british , french with or without children) to go out for dining , shopping, traveling to Italy etc. If anyone interested please message here or : tanyasmgn@hotmail.com. We would be very happy to meet up !

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Hi,  I am looking for good Maternelle school in Roquebrune, Cap Martin, or Menton for this Fall for two children 5 years old.  I would be grateful for some names of schools and to know if it is necessary to have an address in France or if it is possible to be resident in Italy and attend the school. Thanks very much!  

started by: FrancescaB-317690 · last update: 1437084438 · posted: 1437084438

Hi, does anyone have any feedback on the bilingual EBICA primary school in Sophia Antipolis? Would be great to hear from anyone who has had kids there or knows anything about it. For example, is it quite a rounded education (ie. more art/drama etc than French schools), is it nuturing for the little ones? is it academic? etc.. Any replies gratefully received! Thank you... 

started by: CarolineNoble · last update: 1437059875 · posted: 1393266656

Hi We are thinking of starting a family and possibly will be in France for the pregnancy and birth. I would be really interested to know the cost of scans, hospital visits and giving birth in France. Can anyone help with this? Thanks Caroline

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Bonjour à toutes et tous, Je suis professeur de mathématiques à domicile depuis 10 ans. Je donne des cours de mathématiques individuels ou en petits groupes pour tous les niveaux (collège, bac, concours) jusqu'à bac+3. Je prépare également les concours. J'accepte les CESU. Je me déplace à votre domicile ou peux recevoir pour les cours. Mes coordonnées sont le 0673074683. Bien cordialement, Sébastien.

started by: aavanzi1976 · last update: 1436363247 · posted: 1436277908

Hi, we are looking for an English speaking nanny to look after our 2 children, 7 and 4, from September 2015 to July 2016. We live in the center of Antibes, very close to place Charles de Gaulle. The working time is Wednesday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and (possibly) Tuesday and Friday from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. Car and driving license needed, references and past experience with children warmly welcome. We offer a regular French contract (CDD) and good salary. If interested, drop me an e-mail with a CV and we will arrange a meeting. Alberto  

started by: Ladyj-872263 · last update: 1435838607 · posted: 1348043562

Recently moved to Le Rouret and am 6 months pregnant. Looking for anEnglish speaking midwife for anti-natal advice/ classes. Very happy to travel. Any advice/recommendations greatly appreciated, please forward to jennylittleford@hotmail.com , many thanks!! 

started by: Tatiana-10042863 · last update: 1435202558 · posted: 1435104430

We're looking for a tutor of painting for private lessons in French Riviera (Nice) for a 7 years old boy for a period during 2 months - July and August. Please come out or advice anybody.Location: Villeneuve Loubet, Antibes. Many thanks!

started by: Janne1205 · last update: 1434720502 · posted: 1434476544

HI My son (12 YO) needs a school, he has landed with no french and been in a french school for 3 months, this has not been benificial to any of us, mostly him. Who can recommend a english/french school that doesnt cost so much as the private schools. We are in old Antibes. Thanks for any suggestions, appreicated.  

started by: Ashley Norton · last update: 1434458863 · posted: 1434301679

We have had the most fantastic Filipino housekeeper & nanny live with us in SIngapore for the past 4 years. We have 3 young children (twins now 4 and a 20 month old). Both my husband and i work full time and she has been phenomenal in supporting all of us. We are moving to the UK and tragically she cannot come with us due to immigration rules. We are currently in the Var with my parents and she is desperate to stay. I have been advised that she can do so but needs a formal employer. If anyone is looking for a wonderfully caring nanny, great cook and incredibly efficient cleaner please let me know. I will happily help in anyway i can with the visa process.

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Hi, Ive been told there are two Monegasque regime's you can marry under as well as the new UK regime. Does anyone know if this is the case?

started by: federicagalletti · last update: 1433807706 · posted: 1433807706

Hello!  I'm looking for a good au pair English speaking. We live in Nice.  Can someone help me?   Thanks a lot! federica

started by: Sara33-208564 · last update: 1433160630 · posted: 1433090303

I was just wondering if anyone has experience of this school?  How it compares to other Intl schools in the area? Any info would be most helpful! thanks sara

started by: AliceThorpe · last update: 1432210592 · posted: 1432210592

Hi everyone! We have just moved to the area and I am 5 months pregnant and keen to start yoga somewhere local. Thanks for your help, Alice  

started by: Melanie06 · last update: 1432136208 · posted: 1430406338

Hi guys,  I have a 1year old baby and am looking for feedbacks from Terre Enfantine, the montessori school in Antibes les Pins. I am french and his dad is portuguese, so we speak english between us and our own languages when speaking to him. We are looking for a school that understand and emphasis this international environment he lives in. Having been to french public schools myself, I am not very tempted to send him in one of them... Let me know your thoughts on this school, or maybe others in the area that are bilingual. Melanie

started by: alex-Godmersham · last update: 1432031191 · posted: 1416855438

Hello, we are a French couple, currently living in Kent, preparing our move to the sunny Riviera for August '15. After many years in the UK, we have been fully integrated, so moving back to France is for us a new adventure. We plan on settling for Valbonne or Mougins, as we would like to be in a place with other British. Our priority is to find a good school for our 3 years old boy. He speaks both French and English, and would like him to maintain his exposure to English. We checked the Bilingual schools, but they seem expensive. French public schools apparently require an home address, which we don't have yet. So my questions are: - Please, could you share your recommendations in term of private French school in the area (around Mougins/Valbonne)? - Are you aware of any activity in English for a boy his age?  Finally, in case you know of a house or apartment  to rent near a good school in the area (3 bedrooms ideally), then I welcome the info.  Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Dear all, We're moving to Biot as of August and therefore have to register our 4 years old girl into a new primary school. Would you have any feedback about any of these state schools in Biot/Valbonne that'd help us take our decision? (Groupe scolaire Eugène Olivari, École maternelle Calade Saint Roch, École maternelle du Moulin Neuf, Maternelle Daudet, Maternelle Sartoux, Maternelle Garbejaìre, Maternelle Île Verte) Thanks a lot for your help!   Priscille

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Hi there We live in Mougins and have a new Aupair living with us and she would like to meet some more people/au pairs in the area....ie Mougins, Valbonne, Mouans Sartoux and further afield too.  Please any other host families who have Aupairs please let me know.   Thanks Sylvia

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Hi there ! I have just moved here and my youngest is turning one on Sunday . My older two kids are starting school on Monday and so Ethan and I will be looking to meet up with other moms / babies to socialize and make friends . Any ideas ? Thanks ! Erika :) 

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