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I am searching for an English babysitter from next September for 10 to 12 hours a week (two afternoons and maybe 2 hours another day). Need to be first language level English and no student. Engagement for at least one year.

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Hello, we are moving to the another country and need to sell everything in our home. The appliances we still need for another month so will be selling them in a couple weeks. For now we must sell: - BOYS 3-5 yr old wardrobe mix of summer and winter..priced to sell...it just has to leave our house and i don t have the time for people to start picking and choosing. The buyer must buy the entire wardrobe. First come first serve. You can just make me an offer when you see all the clothes there are. - GIRLS 6-12 yrs mix winter and summer   TOYS there are so much so like i said first come first serve you can just do your shopping. everything will be priced to sell!! and sell fast..i ll be selling extremely cheap..i need to empty the apt.   I have my beautiful gorgeous stunning wedding dress designer MAX CHAOUL worth 8000 euros new, you can make a reasonable offer. i can send pictures of me with it. it comes with gloves.   For the rest just email me and you can come and do your shopping.

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Hi, I have recently moved to Monaco and we are still waiting for our Residency. We have just found out I am pregnant and we currently aren't covered by insurance as we are not residents yet. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? Should my partner be covered by his work for insurance even though we aren't residents?  Thank you, Sarah 

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Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy a bed barrier to stop children falling out of bed?

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Hello all, I just heard of this site. We live in Cannes la Bocca and have 2 kids who speak French and Romanian. My eldest, almost 5, is particularly advanced for his age. He reads, writes, especially in French, counts ... Well, the thing is we would like to help him make the most of his abilities without forcing him. So learning a new language English, seems a good solution. I just started a new contract where I have my Wendsdays off. So long story short, I was wondering if there are groups for French or bi-lingual children in the region, or "classes" for children to get familiar and practice English. Thank you in advance for your answers. Best, Alex 

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We will be moving from Dubai to Grasse next year. My children will then be 7, 5 and 4 years old. They are currently in a British Curriculm primary school in Dubai, where they are very happy! I am German, my husband is British. We are not sure which school to choose, we both speak French well (I have a French/German university degree). So we would like our children to learn French (they speak English and German), but we know that the French school system is very different from our current system, which is based on a very creative play based form of teaching! I heard Fenelon in Grasse was good, but not so sure if that would be our best choice. Happy to go to a private bilingual school, but no must as we have three children and that adds up! How about the Montesuri school in Grasse. Are there any other recommendations please? I feel a bit lost! Thanks in advance for any responses! Diana 

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Does anyone have info and opinion about college capron in Cannes? thanks!  

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I'm looking for feedback on bi-lingual options in (or near) Nice for our 13 year old (American). We will be in Nice for only 1 year and our daughter doesn't speak French (taking lessons now and will do intensive instruction in Nice this summer). Since having her learn French is our top prioity we do not want to send her to an English/American School  (we have ruled out ISN). However, although she is a good student and up for the challenge, we think it would be too much to fully immerse her in a 100% French public school or even a school with an international section (they seem to offer only 1 or 2 classes in English). The two options we've found that seem truly bi-lingual in NIce are ABC and EIB. I have seen nothing but negative feedback on ABC, although most of that seems to be for younger children. Does anyone have anything positive to say about ABC? Any feedback on EIB? Is a commute to Sophia-Antipolis (EBICA) a realsitc option if we don't have a car? Would it be worth it?  Other suggestions/advice? Thanks. 

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We need to move our 8-year-old daughter from an international school in Nice to a French school somewhere within reach of Sophia (Nice/Antibes/Cannes). Having heard many bad stories about the French school system, especially when entering without much French, we are looking to move our daughter to a school in an area that has good and welcoming schools at all levels, primary, and college and lycee.  Does anyone have any advice/experience to share? We are very worried that our daughter, who has always liked school, will end up demotivated and unhappy.  Many thanks in advance! Leslie.

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We're planning on booking a ski holiday for the last week of December for my family (two adults and two kids - 11 and 13).  We are all keen novice skiers and would like to take lessons and ski school for the kds.  Can anyone recommend some places where there is guaranteed snow at the end of December (if it's even  possible to guarantee such a thing) with lots of beginner slopes.  We'd like to be in a village setting with plenty of restaurants and some family friendly amenities.  It would need to be within reasonable driving distance of this area, say no more than 5 hours away.  Any recommendations or information would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Hello, We are considering a move to Saint Vallier de Thiey, but have 2 children, one aged 9 and one aged 3. Does anyone know anything about schools here? I know there is a primary school and college, but no idea what they are like. Also would the Lycee be in Grasse? If so does anyone know what that is like? Kids are both in french system at moment. Thank you so much!

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hi any one can recomend school with special program live in nice center thanks

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Does anyone know where to find eclipse glasses? My son is dying to see it but it's impossoble to find glasses anywhere! Apparently there won't be another eclipse like it for around 70 years, yet nobody can find glasses and the school apparently doesn't think such an event is worth watching.  

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Both me and husband work, we are looking for options to keep our 18m daughter this august 1/2day everyday. Any ideas welcome. Something like a summer camp would be great. thanks a lot, Vidhya

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Hello,  I wanted to let everyone know that Les Colibris, a lovely bilingual Montesorri School for 2 - 11 year olds has an open day on Saturday 14th Feb from 10h- 17h.  The school is in Sophia Antipolis.  I would highly recommend it; my daughter has been there for 3 years and is blissfully happy.  For more information, please look at their website http://www.ecole-montessori-colibris.com

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Hello all,  A friend of mine needs urgent help to put her kids into a local school. They just moved to France and do not speak french. What kind of papers do they need to bring with them? Do the papers need to be translated as everything they have is in italian? your help will be much apreciated  thanks  

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Hello!  I am moving to Antibes with my family on 31st Oct and was hoping to find out about any local mums groups in the larea? I have two girls - 10months and 3&1/2years. my husband is working in Cannes and I'm happy to travel to Nice etc. We are an English family. And my French is pretty rusty!  Thanks in advance :)

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Hi all! Looking for some advice/recommendations! i want to find a good school for my little girl - the international schools sound good but can't get a clear idea of how much these cost - do any of you send your children there? I would rather send her to a school that follows the English curriculum or a 'bilingual' school. where is my first port of call? What are the necessary documents I need to have to hand? Etc etc!   thanks in advance! Bethany

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Readers, I am in a situation that has never happened to me before.  Has anyone ever...let's re-phrase this. Has anyone experienced this? Gave up your job to raise your childrens/kids/enfants. Find that after such a sacrifice...no-one wants to hire you anymore? Kick yourself for even having a degree/diploma/brain...because once there is a "gap" in your CV - you are essentially defunct. I never blog.  After 5 years of this - I need to know I am not the only one who sees this. Thank you. Nemo

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Greetings everyone! I have always thought of applying a resident visa here in france, my partner and I are living here for almost 4years and we have a baby who was born here, we have thought and decided that we want to give it a try to apply and send all our documents to perfecture, but could somebody enlighten me and give me idea how it is and what to prepare? thank you in advance, we just need some friendly advice :-) 

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