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I would love to hear from any parents who have their children at either of the two local Montessori schools (Les Pouces Verts in Valbonne/Mouans-Sartoux or Le Jardin de Soleils in Grasse). We are trying to choose between the two for the fall, and would like to speak with some current parents before making the decision. Thanks, in advance, for any insight you can give...

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Hi. Does anyone know of any English speaking antenatal classes (preferably English, can be in French) run in Monaco or anywhere between Monaco and Cannes?

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Does anyone have insider info on these 2 schools including fees etc.ThanksSparkles Out.

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Does anyone know of a mothers and baby group in Nice city? Church or otherwise? My Daughter is 16 months old and crying out for playmates Thanks Ewa

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We are living in Mougins for 3 months this summer and are looking for English speaking swimming lessons for a 4 year old and maybe an 18 month old. Don't mind one to one or group lessons. Also any playgroup or summer camp nearby? Any suggestions or recommendations?Dee

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I was looking for a fun, social way to get my kids moving and have located an beginners ceroc dance workshop just for them. I know there are a few more spaces so if yours are interested contact me. It's on Saturday 23rd June from 2 until 6.

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Does anyone have ideas of what to do with a sports minded 12 year old who will be visiting in cannes for 6 weeks? All ideas welcome... Robert

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Hello, I am expecting a baby and he will be born in Monaco, me being British and my husband being French, we want to declare him as British only. He will be declared at the Mairie here in MC. I was wondering if it was worth doing a consular registration or shall I just wait and apply for a British passport directly? Any advices and past experiences in similar case?! tks

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Moving house in August, I have about 200 English books I'd like to sell. Good quality picture books like:The Gruffalo, Monkey Do!, The Lighthouse-keeper's Lunch and Winnie the Witch, Here Come The Aliens.Early readers aged 5-8 like:The Yellow/ Blue Bananas series,Puffin read alone seriesUsbourne young readingOxford read at Home (Biff and Chip)Early Independent reading level aged 8-10 like:Puppy Patrol, Animal ArkDick King SmithFamous FiveThe Wishing ChairIndependent reading level 10 plus (mainly classics)like:The Silver BrumbiesBlack BeautyAlice in WonderlandPeter PanThe Just So StoriesThe Secret GardenAnne of Green GablesPlus French Early Readers for ages 5-8 like.Mr Men seriesPocket Jeunesse- Roderigue PorkepikLe Dragon Adandonné Kid Pocket- Croktou drole de loupPingu Milan Poche- Anael I live in Garbejaire (Valbonne area) next to the CIV and Haut Sartoux schools but could meet you anywhere reasonably close.

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We moved to Cogolin in Sept and my then 5yr old was allocated a place at one of the 4 local schools in GS Maternelle.He is now 6 and due to start CP in September. I was under the impression that he would move along with the rest of his class up into the next section of the school that he is presently at. (He has finally made friends and is grasping the language and is very happy)However, his teacher has just told me that because of where we live - which is the same address as when we first enrolled him - he has to go to another school.This is causing much distress as he has already been uprooted from England and had to cope with starting French school and making new friends.Is there anything I can do do you think? Is it worth going to the Mairie? As far as I am aware he is the only child being made to do this.Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Bonjour, My wife and I are looking for a babysitter for approx. one night per week to look after our 17 month year old son. They must speak very good english, and be available one evening per week, hopefully a Friday or Saturday. We would prefer to be given a recommendation from another ex-pat who uses such a babysitter, but this is not essential. References are a bonus too. Merci bien

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HiDoes anyone know what is on in the Vence area for kids this summer holiday. We have only been here a little while and our three kids don't speak alot of French yet. Can anyone tell me what there is to do in the hols here (thinking about camps and clubs). My kids are 10, 11 and 12. ThanksChaque jour est un bonus!

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hi there, i; looking for the tel number of the creche at the back of carrefour antibes anyone?thanks

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Hi, I am looking to enrole a child of age 9 in summer school - he particularly needs help with his maths, and is not a French speaker. Can anyone tell me if any of the international schools do this? Thank you!Danger Mouse

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We are looking for somewhere for our twins to go to start enjoying gymnastics.Somewhere we can go on a weekend, or after school hours, close to Vence.English or French speaking.ThanksJanie06 62 32 23 84

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My sister and her husband are thinking of relocating over here and have asked me to find out what school fees are at one of the International schools? Their son is 7. Thanks in advance!

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One needed in Cannes from tuesday for a week. Can anybody tell me where I can hire one please. Thanks

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I believe SNCF offer an 'unaccompanied minor' service. Does anyone know about this (has anyone used it?). I can't find anything about it on their website but the website is not exactly user friendly. Ideally I'd like to send my son to St. Malo or Rennes or somewhere in that part of France, and back of course, for about 10 days in August. He will be just over 12 and I don't want him to travel alone even though he is well travelled and speaks French fluently. If there is no alternative then I will travel with him but that means two return trips.

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I have searched for this horse online, but am having no luck. I'm hoping someone might be able to help, as I would love to get this horse for my daughter's 1st b-day. It's a small horse, on a metal frame with springs and removable wheels. The horse has a furry cover and a removable seat. Kind of a 'grow-with-me' item. Converts from walker to bouncy horse. My 1st daughter had one & she absolutely LOVED it! (Her 1st b-day gift, too.) Thanks SO much!-Kim

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We are an English/Norwegian family living in Eze Bord de Mer and have a 7 year old daughter at the local school. I wondered if there were other children of about the same age in the village who might like to meet to play from time to time?

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