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Hi, I'm looking for a 'chevalier or moyen age' outfit for my 9 year old.Has anyone got one to sell in good condition or does anyone know where I can get one. Thanks.sparkey

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Hello, I would like to hear from families who have moved to France with their children.Did you choose to send them to French or International school?How do you cope, and more importantly, how do you children cope with homework?I would also like to hear from people who are sending their kids to French school or maternelle although they have very little knowledge of the french language at present.Looking forward to hear your stories, Best regards, Nadia

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Does anyone know of a childcarer/assisante maternelle type of person in the Cannes area. The mother is looking for someone who perhaps already looks after a few children and would be happy to have a 21 month old boy to add to the group, whilst she is at work. Please don't respond to this posting via the email as I am posting this for a friend. Call Danielle: 06 33 06 02 45

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We have an apartment in and will next be staying from 10-24th July,we have a 14 year old girl and an 11 year old boy who would like to make contact with other children.

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hello, I have friends coming over for three weeks in July (Sat 9th - Sat 30th). They have a baby boy and are reluctant to bring their travel cot all the way from Scotland - apparently it's not very portable for a travel cot! I was wondering if anyone could lend me a cot for three weeks? I'd take very good care of it. I know they would be much happier for the baby to sleep in a proper cot, but we don't really want to buy one just for three weeks. Any help would really be appreciated (I am in Nice by the way). thanks,ro

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Can anyone suggest activities for kids (5 to 7 yr old) around Sophia, Grasse, mouans sartoux?

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I am looking for some guidelines if anyone can advise please. Au Pair Live In Au Pair Live Out Childcare hourly rate Thankyou in advance. Please email privately hinnychin@hotmail.co.uk Kathy

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Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone will help us out. We have just left Nice and our 7 month old daughter is on hunger strike! She is gone off all food and drinks. She loved the food in France and my only hope is to try and get her favourite dinner Bledina - printanière de légumes. Its small jars and available in Casino supermarkets. We tried to get some before we left but were caught out by the bank holiday. Would anyone be willing to buy some jars and post them to us. I will pay all the costs involved. I would be really appreciate some help on this. Thanks in advance

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Hi, We are (me, hubby and 9 month old baby boy James) are moving to Antibes on the 8th of April and I was wondering if there are any other mommies in the area that meet up or if there is a baby club somewhere in Antibes??? We lived in Nice for the past 6 months and I used to take our little man to Lekids club which he really enjoyed, so I was trying to find some similar activities club for him. Also would love to meet new people myself as it gets very lonely in the day time when hubby is at work. Look forward to hearing from all....:) Seda

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Does anyone know if the morning after pill is available in France over the counter? If so, what is it called? Thanks

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Hey, I am a Mum of an 11month old Girl... Just wondered if there are any other Mum's living near to me that would like to meet up... A little friend for my daughter would be nice too :-) Cheer's Donna

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To all parents with babies/toddlers and parents-to-be living in and around the Riviera: There's a new parent/tumbletot group called "Riviera Tumble Tots". This is a yahoogroup, with the purpose of getting parents and kids (generally under 3 years old) together for some fun activities, conversation, or just plain online chatting (kid-related topics). There's no cost involved, and the activities are all very informal and all are welcome. The steps are simple: 1. Join the group by either going to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RivieraTumbleTots/ and clicking on the "join" button or sending an e-mail to RivieraTumbleTots-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 2. Propose an activity or start a discussion, and have fun! If you have questions, you can contact me at this e-mail or simply subscribe to the group. Hope to meet you there, Sarette

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(Posting for a friend)... Looking for a reliable girl (at least 15 years old) to babysit 2 children, a boy 5 years, and a girl almost 2 years...Would like to occasionally go out on the weekends and the odd week night... Would like you to have references and also would like to meet your parents... Anyone interested, or if someone has a referal... Please No Post Messages; Email directly to this address OR Please call: Kim or Sharon 04 92 60 31 65cs

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Can anyone recommend a babysitter with own transport. I need someone for tomorrow evening and the one I usually use is unavailable. Near Plascassier.

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My 7 year old daughter was born here in France and goes to french school. She has recently (three months ago) been diagnosed with dyslexia. She has been having problems in about all subjects this year in CE-1. She is very slow getting her work done and usually doesn't finish it . Her handwriting is bad and she can't concentrate. Her motivation level is down and her teacher recommends holding her back a year. She has been going to speech therapist for the last three months and yesterday she saw a children's psycholigst at the CMP who also noticed that she is dyslexia before I even told him. He recommended her seeing a psychomotrice next year. My question to you is do you think holding her back a year will be beneficial to her or will it make the motivation problem even worse, not to mention that she will have to have the same teacher again, whom I'm not sure knows what to do with a dyslexic child. What are my choices about this? Are there any tutor programs out there to help at home with dyslexia problems that could help her stay on track? This problem is very difficult for me to help her with considering its already hard just to help her with her french homework. Thank you all for your advice and letting me know your experiences with this problem. It's always feels good to know that there are people out there to help. rverduci

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My daughter has just been diagnosed as being dyslexic, shes bilingual,english-french, does anyone have any advise, help etc .

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Hi there - I'm looking for somewhere to take my children to learn short tennis or rather a bit of hand eye coordination in the summer holidays in the afternoons - is there anywhere?Around Valbonne, Vallauris and the surrounding ..ages are 3 and half and 5 and a half Looking for something fun!Sparkles Out.

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Does anyone know of an english speaking physio that helps post baby/ provides kine therapy?Region doesn't matter, thanks.

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Hello Moms with babies,I take Pilates classes twice a week at the Pilates studio in La Colle and our instructor is willing to teach a "Baby class" if enough of us moms are interested in joining, we need to be minimum 3 per class. These classes have been wonderful for me and I would love to take my little one with me...There is big Parking lot on the square (and it is free!) and it the studio is only 10 minutes from Vence, Roquefort and Cagnes.Email me or respond here if you are interested.

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Not sure if this should be posted here or in the entertainment forum, but does anyone know of any stage this summer for choral singing for kids in the area? My daughter is 11, already singing in her school choir, and has decided she wants to take this further by having lessons from September and I also wanted her to spend a week this summer on a residential stage somewhere in PACA as an introduction to more "serious" vocal practice - voice placement, breathing, interpretation, performance, etc etc. I have looked on the adem06 site, but everything offered on there is in other parts of France, quite far away... So if you have any info, it will be gratefully received! Also, recommendations for singing teachers who specialise in children would be welcome. We are in the Grasse area and have been told Jacques Maes at the conservatoire there is good, so any feedback on that or any other recommendation would be great. Thanks!

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