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Hi, can anyone recommend a good, experienced child minder in the Mandelieu area? Would prefer someone that looks after children in their own home and preferably french and english speaking but if only one language that's fine.

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I was wondering whether anyone knew of a nappy/diaper service in the region? (This would be an organisation that takes the dirty cloth nappies and washes them for you, returning them a week or so later). Thanks for any tips.

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So, does anybody knows were to look for one...I'm having trouble finding some.... Also, I would appreciate some info on Easter egg hunt for the little ones... Is there a place that will organize it...like park or something?

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Hi All, We have someone coming in to take care of our 1 year old and I don't have any idea as to how much I should pay her. She is 23 and very responsible. She will be paying her way to get to and from my home. I plan to have her around 3 days a week around 5 hours a day. I plan to work while she takes care of my little girl. No cleaning involed or cooking. Any suggestions as to how much I should pay her per hour??? Thanks, Cylivia

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Can anyone recommend a place in France to take the kids for the weekend? Thanks

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Does anyone have an idea for somewhere fun to take small children in the Cannes /Antibes area? We used to have a playgroup nearby but it has stopped and we need something new to do each week! Thanks, La Chata adventures forever!

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I'm looking for bébé nageur classes in or near Grasse, does anyone know of anywhere that does this?

started by: Chucky-221588 · last update: 1175465021 · posted: 1175440835

A young friend who recently had a baby is looking for mother and baby groups or even just a young mum who's interested in meeting up and sharing tips. She's bilingual and lives in the Valbonne area. Can travel. Email me if you're interested or if you know anyone who's interested and I'll pass the message on. Thanks.

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Does anyone know of any more, apart from the ones in jardin Pauline, Square Dulys, and la Pinede?thanks!!

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Hi, Can any of you recommend a good summer camp. It is for my 14 years old daughter. I am looking for a fun place where she can meet people her age from all over the world preferably around the lakes in Switzerland. Thanks,OC

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Hello there My husband and I with our 21 month old son James have recently relocated to Antibes.  James and I are going a little stir crazy and would love to get together for coffee/play with other English speaking mums/toddlers in the area. Please get in touch if you would like to meet up or can let me know of any toddler groups in the area.  Julie

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To hook up to the cigarette lighter while travelling... Does anyone know where I can find one?Thanks!

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I would like to hear from women who have had babies in Cannes. Did you go to the hospital or use the only existing clinic? What were your experiences? Were you able to have any kind of birth plan during your labor?   Also, can anyone tell me how one registers your child for the cresh? Where do you go and what papers do you take with you? Does anyone have any experieces with creshes in Cannes? Also, are there any other mothers to be in cannes currently who will be delivering in February or march?   Thank you for your help and look forward to hearing from you.

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Does anyone know a store or a online website(that you've ordered from) to buy a very pretty white romper for a little boy? I wan't something that I can keep for a keepsake after the christening this summer. Thanks again for your help... rverduci

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Can anyone recommend a baby physiotherapist in the Valbonnne, Antibes, Cannes area. Call Richard or Yulia on 0611820700 or email richardroscoe@email.com. Thanks in advance

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HI, Has any one got have good recommendations for a bilingual midwife or doc who can do a homebirth in monaco?

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My daughter is 8 years old and really sweet, I am just looking for someone to look after her in the evening when we are going out, and sometime during the day or week end. French is essential as she doesn't speak much english.Romane

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We are moving to Antibes in the next few weeks and as my daughter will not start school until September, she will not be able to meet new school friends until then She is keen to make new friends when we move to France and I sure it will help her settle into her new life a lot quicker Please email if you have daughter who would like to meet a new friend

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Does anyone know of a Children's modelling agency in Nice? Thanks

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone on this forum might be able to offer some advice or has experience of the problems posed by the different age cutoffs of year groups when transferring from French schools back to English schools. Problem:I am in the process of returning to the UK.My youngest son is currently in a French Secondary college 6ieme.As he is born in December, the school in England has said that heshould return to Year 6 in Primary and not go into Year 7 Secondary. (French school age cut off being age on 1st Jan. and English school cutoff being age on 1st Sept.) Understandably my son is not keen on this and more importantlyit will mean that he will be 2 years behind his brother (born July) ratherthan one year. The fact that the UK and France have different cut-off dates for year groups is not the pupils fault but it has a direct impacton them if they move between France and the UK. Many thanks in advance for any advice or experience of this. A pity there is no European standard for this. Anyone who knows where I might be able to get some EC advice on this would also be useful.

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